What might people say about this election 50 years from now?

Some people like to look back at the past and say things like, "What were those people thinking? Why did they not see what was happening and do something — or at least say something?  If I were alive back then, I would have certainly done or said something."

This coming Election Day, if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are catapulted into the highest office in the land, will people fifty years from now look back on the election of 2020 and say, "What were those people thinking?!"

Would they have an entire list of "obvious things" that stuck out to them living in 2070 that will get them scratching their heads as to how citizens of 2020 America missed what was right there under their noses?

Isn't it possible that if Biden/Harris officially take over the country starting in January 2021, someone in 2070 might say, "How could the voters in 2020 have missed the obvious?"

For instance, in no particular order, they might point to several facts that fall into the category of "Wasn't it obvious that...?"

- Joe Biden "wasn't all there," and Kamala Harris would eventually become president?

- Hunter Biden's laptop was a game-changer that needed to be examined?

- a corrupt press that suppressed and sometimes even falsified "the news" was a sign of the end of an educated populace?

- Biden and Harris both supported Black Lives Matter, which not only promoted anarchy and Marxism, but was also a racist organization?

- when leftists said they would take away your guns, what they meant was...they will take away your guns?

- the previous Obama-Biden administration's attack on the Little Sisters of the Poor should have been enough of a heads-up to foreshadow future attacks on religious liberty?

- the Christian population en masse should have supported a president who, more than any other previous chief executive, championed their causes (like pro-life issues), but because he sometimes spoke and tweeted in a vulgar and nasty manner, they decided to sit out the election?

- the defunding of (and the general lack of support of) the police was never a good idea?

- Man-made global warming was used as a house-on-fire scare tactic that would prove (as we now know) false?

- the president had an overwhelming list of campaign "Promises Made, Promises Kept"?

- the president's four nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize due to his work with Israel and their "enemies" was impressive, to say the least?

This is only a partial list of "The Obvious" (perhaps American Thinker readers can add to the list).  Fifty years from now, hindsight will be 2020 when it comes to looking back at the election of 2020.  Will we, in their eyes, have missed the obvious?

Image: Kelly Kline via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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