Volkswagen's electric microbus: Much virtue-signaling, little virtue

Electric vehicles are coming from Volkswagen.  Hate to disappoint, but if you love the environment, this is a step backward. Recently, an amendment to a green energy bill in the House was defeated.  It would have required the secretary of commerce to certify that federally funded buses and charging stations do not contain minerals mined or processed by children.  The Democrat majority said such an amendment was not necessary since the U.S. already has trade agreements prohibiting child labor.  Ah, but not with the Congo or Zimbabwe.  Clever. Why is this important?  The U.S. has produced zero cobalt in the past 40 years.  Without cobalt, there would be no electric car batteries, and half of the world's supply of cobalt comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where some 40,000 kiddies dig for cobalt by hand.  Here's a CBS News article on it, and here's another from ABC News...(Read Full Post)
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