Trump and COVID: The realities

Pray for the president and his wife, who have tested positive for the China virus.

Next, pray for our nation at this pivotal time.

Then consider the realities: 

  1. Even at his age, the odds of President Trump surviving the virus are about 20 to 1 in his favor — and probably better, because no one will get better medical care, and he shows no signs of symptoms.  As has been widely reported, there is a great likelihood that their tests were false positives.  Don't fret.  God's in control. 
  2. Expect all the members of the evil left to show themselves to be the monsters they are by openly rejoicing at the president's positive tests and celebrating the possibility of his death.  This is to be expected from people who rejoice at the murder of babies in the womb, celebrate sexual depravity, and openly call for violence in the streets.  Their unrestrained reaction will reveal them even more clearly for what they are. 
  3. After the Trumps test negative, he will return to openly campaign down the home stretch, and the reception of his supporters will be greater than ever at the time it is needed most.
  4. In the meantime, we also will get a new originalist conservative Supreme Court justice, who is pro-life, which will also serve to show the left for the haters they are by their reactions.

 All's well, folks.  God's in control, and He's not surprised by any of this.

Image: Gage Skidmore.

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