Trump and Biden’s records on racial unity

Good, non-racist people should vote for Donald Trump’s reelection and work hard against Joe Biden. President Trump’s track record in fighting racism sets a higher standard than any president in living memory. In addition, his opponent Joe Biden is certain to make race relations worse. The contrast is startling once you remove all the lying.

Debunking Obvious Lies

Lie: Trump doesn’t condemn white supremacists. False. Donald Trump condemns white supremacists louder and more often than any candidate in memory. Watch this video of nothing but clips of Trump condemning racists. It is almost comical, except so many people lie about it.

Lie: Trump called neo-Nazis “very fine people.” False. Every time Joe Biden says it, he is committing a verifiable slander. It sounds harsh to say that about a former Vice President, but he is lying about the current president.

Everyone who watched Trump that horrible day in Charlottesville heard him specifically say “You had people -- and I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists -- because they should be condemned totally.” He said it directly after the “very fine people” line because he wanted to clarify exactly what he meant. Here is the entire transcript.  Good people should have no part in it and should correct it when others tell lies, whether they like Trump or not. You can dislike a president without lying about him.

The Truth

That day in Charlottesville, Virginia was an evil day in American history. It is reasonable to ask who the neo-Nazis were that day. The leader was Richard Spencer. He does not deserve any attention, but you should know he is a loud, outspoken Biden supporter. He believes in abortion rights, socialized healthcare (Warning, that link is his Nazi blog page) and the Biden tax plan. Trump disavows him, and he disavows Trump, while endorsing Biden and “the whole Democrat ticket.” He is a racist, he supports Biden, and nearly every Democrat platform.

Meanwhile Trump has a long history of working to improve the lives of minorities in this country. Here is a classic video of Trump with Jesse Jackson, working the improve Harlem neighborhoods.


YouTube screengrab

Here is another one. Here he is with Rosa Parks and Mohammed Ali wearing Ellis Island Medals of Honor given by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations. He sued the city of Palm Beach, Florida, and won, because the city had racist laws barring blacks and Jews. His administration gave 250 million to Historically Black Universities and Colleges. Not only did he sign the First Step Act in 2018, but actually had many of the black prisoners the law set free welcomed into the White House, where he hugged them.

By the way, the reason they were in jail was a 1994 crime law that disproportionately targeted blacks, that Joe Biden wrote, didn’t apologize for until he ran for president, and didn’t fix even though he plenty of opportunities.


Joe Biden has a long history of things that most people would call racist. There was the time he spoke at a Klansman’s funeral and called him “a friend and a mentor” (the Klansman was a Democrat too, of course). In 2008 he said “Barack Obama is the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” Just recently, during the current presidential campaign his Vice President, Kamala Harris accurately accused him of supporting segregationists.

Remember when Biden told a group of black people that Mitt Romney planned to “put y’all back in chains?” For those keeping track, it was not Donald Trump who turned politics into dirty attacks and lies. It was Joe Biden attacking Mitt Romney, probably the most inoffensive, moderate and polite candidate the USA had in decades. Now he claims to be running as a unifier. It would be foolish to believe him.

Why does Biden say things like that? Because he draws his power from talking down to black people. He does it often and he does not apologize. He thinks that by nature of being black they must owe him their allegiance, and he says so.

His trick is failing this year. More black people plan to vote for Trump this election than any Republican in decades. Trump is picking up more prominent black endorsements by the day. There is an awakening happening in the black community. The so-called #woke movement that blindly supports Democrats is actually a #sleep movement. Democrats created the systemic racism problems we have today.

This isn’t just my idea. It is the most manifestly obvious truth in politics today.

Systemic Racism

A good test for whether you have a systemic racism problem is to see if the places that use your system are racist.

The places with the worst black victimization are always Democrat run cities. Cops kill, housing projects crumble, gangs grow, and fathers disappear with every passing day in black neighborhoods of Democrat cities. Look it up. Minneapolis, Kenosha, Philadelphia, Portland, Seattle, Ferguson, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, ad infinitum.

Look it up. You will not find a single exception.

There are two things these cities have in common. First, all their systems and institutions have been run by Democrats from top to bottom for generations. Second, all of them have systemic and institutional racism.

A Movement

This year has the largest class of black Republicans running for Congress ever, and most of them are coming from Democrat stronghold cities with systemic racism. A good example is an acquaintance and online friend, Kathy Barnette. She is drawing crowds in Democrat-run Montgomery and Bucks Counties, Pennsylvania, and encountering Democrat racism against her at every turn. I believe she will win, easily. The Democrat party’s lies about racist Republicans have zero evidence, and enough people are awake to it. Black Americans are waking up and switching sides.

I should say switching back. Historically, black Americans were always Republican. It was the Republican party that ended slavery, ended Jim Crow laws, and fought the KKK. The South, which was always disproportionately Democrat and racist, grew less racist as it grew more Republican. The civil rights laws of the 1950s and 60s passed with overwhelming Republican support, while Democrats filibustered them in the Senate and did their best to stop them. Republicans took the lead on every significant advance in racial healing the United States ever had.

What have Democrat leaders done? Food stamps and public housing? Don’t forget that virtually all the gun control laws in this country were written to make sure blacks couldn’t defend themselves when Democrats lynched them.

Is it harsh to call the Democrat Party the party of racism? Of course. Correcting the record is harsh because the record is harsh. Maybe they will stop calling Republicans racist, and we can move #forwardtogether. In that spirit, it is worth clarifying that most Democrats are not racist either.

If racial unity is an election issue, it is clearly an issue in Trump’s favor. Good people will see through the lies.

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