Tony Bobulinski's correspondence is Joe Biden's nightmare

Joe Biden will not look back fondly on October 22.  In the morning, news broke that Tony Bobulinski, who worked on Hunter's China dealings, exposed that Joe had a financial interest in Hunter's China business dealings.  Later that day, Bobulinski revealed even more damning details about Joe's and Hunter's involvement with the Chinese deal.  Lastly, the Wall Street Journal broke down the email correspondence that Tony Bobulinski made public about the Chinese detail.  These emails are devastating and, if we had an honest media establishment, would instantly end Biden's candidacy.

Kimberly Strassel has written at length to explain the Bidens' China connections.  Her article, "The Biden 'Family Legacy': What we learned from the text messages of Hunter's partner Tony Bobulinski," is behind a paywall.  If you cannot access Strassel's superb writing, this brief overview will have to do.

James Gilliar, acting on Hunter's behalf, reached out to Bobulinski in December 2015, seeking to recruit the latter to work on a deal between the Chinese and "one of the most prominent families of the U.S."  It's important to note that this contact took place over a year before the Obama-Biden administration ended.

By March 2016 (while Biden was still vice president), Gilliar told Bobulinski that the Chinese entity was CEFC China Energy, one of China's biggest energy corporations, which had ties to the Chinese government.  Gilliar said CEFC was "the Goldman of China."  He also told Bobulinski that Hunter Biden was part of the deal.

Bobulinski, a formal Navy officer, was concerned about Hunter's involvement, both because Hunter had no obvious skills and because he had been kicked out of the Navy for drug use.  Even Gilliar acknowledged that Hunter had "demons," but he said Hunter's real value lay "in brand."  When Bobulinksi argued that the worker bees on the project should get more remuneration under the deal, Gilliar reminded him that their Chinese counterparts "are intelligent so they understand the value added."

Eventually, as the negotiations neared their end, Hunter appeared, trailing James Biden (Joe's brother) in his wake.  Gilliar assured an unhappy Bobulinski that James's appearance was a good thing because it showed the Chinese that they're offering "a truly family business."  Hunter had many demands, including his belief that he should receive "a hell of a lot more" than $850,000 per year, just to keep up with alimony payments.

In the face of Hunter's demands, both Bobulinki and Gilliar worried about Hunter's substance abuse issues, his "mental state," and his greed.  Hunter didn't care.  He knew that his name was what mattered.  In a text, he told Bobulinski "that in this instance only one player holds the trump card and that's me.  May not be fair but it's the reality because I'm the only one putting an entire family legacy on the line."  Gilliar agreed with this assessment.  He explained to Bobulinski that CEFC wanted the deal for "the family name."

As for Joe Biden's claim that he never discussed business with his son, the CEFC deal documents put the lie to that.  It's already known that when the deal called for Hunter to hold 10% of the equity for "the big guy," that big guy was Joe Biden.  But there's worse than that.  According to Strassel:

In one text, Hunter says that "my Chairman gave an emphatic NO" to a version of the deal. Mr. Walker, Hunter's partner, explains in a text to Mr. Bobulinski that when Hunter "said his chairman he was talking about his dad."

Joe was calling the shots.  Indeed, he even met with Bobulinski.

Eventually, the deal fell through.  Its collapse explains why Bobulinski is on the warpath now.  He learned from a report that Sen. Ron Johnson prepared in September that Biden and company had mistreated him.  After Bobulinski had put in a lot of effort and put his reputation on the line:

The Senate report notes that CEFC wired $5 million to a company called Hudson West in August 2017. The report says an associate of CEFC Chairman Ye in September opened a line of credit under Hudson West's name, and Hunter, Jim Biden and Jim Biden's wife, Sara, were given credit cards associated with the account, and bought items totaling more than $100,000.

The report says Hudson West also sent $4.7 million in "consulting fees" to Mr. Biden's law firm over the course of a year. 

In other words, the Biden family found an easier way to get the Chinese money and dumped those who had worked with them.  At this point, one wonders if the other people who worked on the Sinohawk deal (Gilliar and Walker) will have tales to tell about the Bidens' self-dealing and double-dealing — and when I talk about the Bidens, I'm including Joe.

We'd better hope Joe loses on November 3, or else America is going to have a president every bit as corrupt as Hillary would have been.

It used to be that corrupt presidents at least had the decency to sell out to American interests.  The last generation of American corruptocrats, though, has no allegiance to America. When these career politicians sell out to the highest bidder, they're engaged in a worldwide, not just an American, auction.  A Biden presidency will likely end the American experiment forever, turning America into a subsidiary of China.

Image: Joe Biden and Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping.  YouTube screen grab.

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