The most important election of our lifetime

Hopefully, Democrats with any sense of rational thinking will understand the gravity of the upcoming election.  The issues are more important now than at perhaps any time in our history.  The country is on the brink.

It is indisputable that the Democrat Party has been hijacked by radicals, anarchists, Marxists, and progressives who have no respect for the Constitution, the rule of law, due process, and America's founding principles.  Their growing and pervasive intolerance for opposing views and the now violent war being waged in the streets to diminish our economy, our security, our family values, our culture, and our history have our country on the brink.

The sanctioning by the Democrat Party of the Marxist BLM organization and the war against cops is a recipe for disaster.  Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are manifestly unfit for the elective offices they seek.  Biden is so obviously lacking in cognitive skills that his campaign borders on elder abuse.  Nevertheless, Joe will serve the radical left's puppet masters simply fine.  As for the nasty, unprincipled, race-baiting Kamala Harris, she has shown that she has no respect for the concept of rule of law.

The leftist propaganda machine has demonized the president 24/7 with hateful rhetoric and lies.  And yet, how can one objectively ignore the fact that in just over three and a half years, Donald Trump has been one of the most effective and pro-American presidents in history?

In terms of renegotiated trade agreements, restoration of military preparedness, historic reductions in minority unemployment figures, and overall economic improvement in all sectors of the lives of Americans — especially the middle class — this president's accomplishments have been without equal. 

Perhaps you choose to avoid disclosing your personal preferences in public, but please admit it when you mark your 2020 general election ballot.  And if you are not sure, think about the future of your kids and grandkids.

This is without question the most important election in our lifetime.  Vote for America and its founding principles.  Vote for the Constitution.  Our liberty, freedom, prosperity, and security are at stake. 

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