The most appropriate 'single issue' for a single-issue voter

One election issue soars above all others in significance: the intentional murder of the most innocent, most vulnerable of creatures made in God's image.  Abortion.

Not every Nazi in Hitler's Germany shot or gassed or poisoned a Jew.  But every Nazi supported the mass murder of innocent people whose only "crime" was being Jewish.

Not everyone voting for Joe Biden will use a scalpel and forceps to rip apart the bodies of babies in the womb.  But every one of those voters will share the crime of supporting Biden's intention to vastly increase baby murder and to force taxpayers to pay for it.

If you need to balance these horrors, be aware that Hitler's Nazis were the only political party to murder 8 million Jews.  It was the Nazis' official position.  No one could rise in the Nazi ranks opposing it.

Joe Biden's political party is the only political party that officially supports the mass murder so far of 62 million babies.  It is the Democratic Party's official position.  No one can rise in the Democrats' ranks opposing it.

A friend has written eloquently about why abortion is far more important than any other issue of this election.  "Tiny humans bearing the image of God are denied every single right that our Constitution asserts as rights given by God, not by man."

There is no freedom of religion for dead babies.  No freedom of speech or assembly.  No rights supersede the right to life.  All God-given rights are based on the assumption that babies have a right to life.

The dead enjoy no God-given rights.

This is not a difficult moral call.  At least it shouldn't be.

Image: Nogwater via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0 (cropped).

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