Super woke company alienates millions of customers

When it comes to employee expenses, businesses struggle with categorizing the receipts that flow in and dispensing reimbursements.  Expensify is a popular software company that automates many of those tasks for its 10 million clients.  Up until about five minutes ago, it was a profitable company that had attracted over $38 million in funding.  However, David Barrett, the founder, CEO, and director, couldn't keep his Democrat political opinions to himself.  As a result, the company instantly began to hemorrhage customers.

On Thursday, Barrett emailed a long letter to every single one of the company's 10 million customers explaining why they should vote for Biden to save democracy:

Rick Klau, who wrote the text above, was super-duper excited about receiving an unsolicited political letter from a company that was handling his expense accounts:

Others were less impressed.  Much less impressed:

It was bad enough in June getting spam email with Black Lives Matter virtue-signaling from every single company with which I'd ever done business.  At least the college graduates staffing those businesses — 99% of which I've been able to cut from my life — were marketing their company.  Barrett's ignorant Biden shilling goes too far.  The best response came from Daniel M. Rothschild, who scolded Barrett for violating his customers' trust and contributing to societal breakdown:

I sincerely hope Barrett's arrogance destroys his business, because people should pay a price when they are absolute morons with other people's money.

Image: Expensify logo.  Website screen grab.

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