How corrupt is FBI director Wray? Let me count the ways

If Americans disgusted at the shameless, partisan shenanigans of former FBI head James Comey thought Christopher Wray was going to come in and clean house at the now disgraced agency, they've got another think coming.

To be fair, incoming Director Wray was faced with a multitude of questionable FBI actions — and failures to act — by Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Clinesmith, et al.  There is voluminous evidence, for those with eyes to see, that Comey's crew purposely tanked two separate investigations into Crooked Hillary and the Clinton Foundation.  They followed that up by setting up President Trump's national security adviser, Gen. Mike Flynn, and trying to imprison him for doing nothing wrong, a process that continues to this day thanks to rogue federal judge Emmet Sullivan.

Worse still, the FBI was also busy spying on Donald Trump, his campaign, and his administration, based on nonsense they knew was paid for by Hillary Clinton and promoted by John Brennan, the equally repulsive and mendacious head of Obama's CIA.

In the course of that particular scam, the FBI lied through their teeth to FISA judges — who, based on their reaction, seem to be OK with it — and coordinated their slanderous claims with members of the press, all so the American public would think their president was Vladimir Putin's pawn.

But that wasn't enough for the Comey Gang, no.  In a move that made J. Edgar Hoover look like a poor man's Ru Paul, FBI director Comey leaked confidential memos to a fellow leftist in the hope that it would result in a special counsel investigation.  It did, and who headed up that particular fraud?

Why, yet another bent Feeb, former director Robert Mueller.  Mueller, if he even knew what day of the week it was, knew with certainty that the Steele Dossier was crap and that his team of partisan Democrats and Trump-haters had no place to go and no way to get there.  Yet the owlish Mueller wasted nearly two years and over thirty million taxpayer dollars, only to come to the bizarre conclusion that while President Trump was guilty of nothing, he could not be exonerated.

Faced with this veritable mountain of FBI deceit, skullduggery, and treason, Christopher Wray had two choices.  He could release all information related to prior Bureau malfeasance and terminate or charge all the bad actors involved.  Or he could please his Deep State/Democrat masters and cover it all up.

Wray, it appears, has chosen the latter.

Christopher Wray.
Caricature by Donkey Hotey, CC BY 2.0.

He's consistently fought the release of material relevant to FBI misdeeds as if his life depended on it.  Maybe it does.

Many of the Bureau's worst miscreants still have jobs, and at present, no apologies have been made to President Trump or the American people.  When asked about FISA court abuse, spying on a president without predication, and the eye-opening emails sent by supposedly unbiased special agents, all Wray could say was "mistakes were made."

Indeed.  President Trump somehow picking Wray as Comey's successor may have been the worst mistake of his presidency.  Not content with simply stonewalling investigations into potential FBI crimes, Wray has also continued the new FBI tradition of trying to undermine or take down a duly elected president.

In September, Wray told a congressional committee that Russia was trying hard to sway the 2020 election toward Trump.  Apparently, he forgot that his pal Comey had already used that gambit against President Trump without success.  If FBI heads are indeed the brightest of the brightest, you'd think Wray could have come up with something less stale and more plausible.

In October, Wray, watching along with us as Antifa thugs and their BLM brethren broke laws, windows, and heads with impunity, surmised that Antifa is more of an idea than an actual organization.  The poor souls who'd had their heads broken by an idea were, sadly, unavailable for comment.  To make things worse, Director Wray also claimed that the real threat facing America is the white supremacist movement.

Darn those Ku Klux Klansmen!

According to the feckless Wray, they're ready to put us all back in chains again, or something to that effect.  It apparently doesn't matter to the head of the FBI that white supremacists are more rare than honest newscasters at CNN.  It appears that Wray, much like his fellow travelers at CNN, is just a Democrat party parrot — and parrots gonna parrot.

But it gets worse.  Much worse.

Now, mere days before the presidential election, we learn from Hunter Biden's abandoned hard drive that his dad Joe was up to his hair plugs in graft.  According to Hunter's emails and those of his associates, it was then V.P. Biden who set up the influence-peddling schemes in Russia, China, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.  Hapless Hunter was merely the bagman while Joe Biden and his family all got a generous cut of the action.

But that's not the most shocking part of this sordid tale. What's utterly mind-blowing is that Wray and the FBI have had Hunter Biden's hard drive in their possession since last December. And did absolutely nothing with it.

Christopher Wray ignored all the evidence suggesting that the entire Biden clan was splitting the moolah from Hunter's no-show job in the Ukraine. He knew the truth but stayed silent, even as President Trump was being impeached for suggesting to the Ukrainian president that he look into the sketchy Biden-Burisma doings.

Wray also kept it to himself that Joe Biden could already be compromised by numerous foreign entities.

Wray may even have looked the other way at clear evidence of child abuse, according to those who've seen the disturbing photos and videos on Hunter's hard drive.

So many potential crimes, yet Director Wray did and said nothing. Why?

Because, like the tall, sanctimonious doofus before him, FBI Director Wray thinks he should decide who gets elected president, not the voters.

And Wray's clearly willing to withhold critical documents, spew Russia collusion nonsense, ignore Antifa and BLM criminality, and sit on evidence that would wreck Joe Biden's campaign for almost a year now.

When it comes to the rot and corruption present in today's FBI, that fish truly does stink from the head down.

But instead of feeling angry and abused, I look forward, with great anticipation and a surfeit of schadenfreude, to two events likely to occur soon — ideally, within hours of each other.

The first would be Donald Trump winning four more years!

And the second would be Christopher "Look the other way" Wray getting canned. Ideally, by tweet.

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