Now that Trump is being quarantined, what comes next?

When the head of the most important country in the world is diagnosed with an illness that requires him to be quarantined, that's a problem.  When that diagnosis comes a month before the most fiercely contested and important election in our lifetime, the anxiety level of people in the Trump White House must be stratospheric.  Thankfully, the Trump team is hip-deep in talented people who can travel throughout the country as President Trump's surrogates now that he's been diagnosed with the Wuhan virus and must quarantine.

Before getting to the meat of this post, I speak for all of us here at American Thinker in wishing President Trump and the first lady speedy and uneventful recoveries from the Wuhan virus.  It's a comfort to know they will have the best care available and that, eight months after the virus first invaded America, we now have good, practical ways to treat it.  And speaking for myself, I have a completely irrational belief in Trump's ability to overcome anything.

At a practical level, the White House must be scrambling to figure out how to deal with the news.  No matter how lightly (God willing) the Wuhan virus affects the president and the first lady, Trump will be off the campaign trail at least until the end of October.  Fortunately, Trump has excellent surrogates.

Vice President Pence will continue to campaign for the Trump-Pence ticket.  Donald Trump, Jr.; Eric Trump; and Ivanka Trump are crowd-pleasing public speakers.  Additionally, if they're not needed in Washington for the Amy Coney Barrett hearings, young, vital senators such as Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton are also exciting speakers.  All of them can make the crowds happy.

Additionally, if Trump is affected only lightly, there's no reason why he cannot appear on a video at each rally.  Even if he's not there in person, the crowd will respond enthusiastically to having Trump speak directly to them.  We know from the Republican National Convention that the Republicans have talented videographers who know how to create a personal immediacy from a video presentation.

There are also people such as Mike Cernovich who believe that Trump will prove to be a role model for a good Wuhan virus recovery.  When the disease first appeared, doctors were playing whack-a-mole to treat the various symptoms.  Now that doctors have a better handle on the disease, they have a better sense about the hemorrhagic problems, the inflammation, and the interplay of things that benefit the immune system (e.g., Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and zinc), and medicines that treat the underlying virus (e.g., Remdesivr and hydroxychloroquine).  Trump's orange-man suntan, which implies that his body has a high Vitamin D level, might be part of what gets him over the illness very quickly.

The year 2020 has been one surprise after another, none of them pleasant.  It's to be hoped that Trump's diagnosis is effectively the end of a 2020 crescendo, making it the last bad news of the year.  From here on out, we should direct our energies, both practical and (if you're inclined that way) spiritual, a quick Trump recovery, a surprisingly successful election process, a Trump re-election, a booming economy, and a return to normalcy.

Image: Trump rally in Duluth.  YouTube screen grab.

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