Despite these two laugh-and-cringe videos, we must still take leftists seriously

One of the things to remember about leftists is that they are still dangerous even when they are being deeply unserious.  That was made clear on Thursday, when two videos made the rounds, each of which was simultaneously ridiculous and frightening.  The first showed Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot treating a press conference like a kindergarten Halloween party.  The second shows some of Antifa's foot soldiers getting themselves ready for battle.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot is a hard leftist who has presided over what may have been the most disastrous time in Chicago's history since the Great Chicago Fire in 1871.  In keeping with other leftist political leaders, Lightfoot shut Chicago down because of the Wuhan virus.  Then, over the summer, BLM and Antifa struck Chicago's Miracle Mile twice.  Between the disastrous Wuhan virus lockdown and the looting, Chicago is facing a $2-billion budget shortfall.

Chicago isn't just facing financial problems.  While shootings and murders have increased in every Democrat-run city since the George Floyd riots began, Chicago's numbers are especially appalling:

CPD has logged 588 murders this year through Sept. 30, while the city saw 392 murders during the same time in 2019 — a 50% increase. The city recorded 496 killings in all of 2019.

Chicago already has recorded more murders than it did in the same time in 2016 — one of the most violent years in recent memory. And the gun violence in 2020 has fallen heavily on children. Six children under 10 years old have been killed this year alone.

In 2020, Chicago police have recorded 3,110 shooting victims citywide, compared with 1,999 victims during the same time in 2019 — a 55% increase.

These are serious times calling for serious measures from serious people.  What is Lightfoot doing to address these problems?  She's imposing Halloween rules on her city:

Halloween in Chicago isn't canceled after all. Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Thursday unveiled a series of rules for the holiday that she said will allow people to celebrate safely, including a requirement that everyone including candy-givers wear masks. Candy-givers are also asked to leave a light on or hang a sign in their window letting people know whether they're participating in the holiday while following social distancing rules and providing hand sanitizer, according to the city's rules.

There is nothing so insignificant that a leftist politician will not assume that people are too stupid to handle it without political guidelines.  Again, while leftist ideas are awful, their lust for power is unlimited.  They are also, at a fundamental level, deeply unserious people.  This is how Lightfoot showed up for the press conference:

People's lives are at stake in her "murder capital of America," and Lightfoot treats her office like a kindergarten classroom.

Meanwhile, some Antifa goons were filmed prepping themselves for battle:

It's impossible not to laugh at these people, but keep in mind that these are the same people who have turned America into a battle zone over the last few months.  When they have enough drugs and crazy in their systems and are surrounded by their friends, there is no limit to what they will do.

Often, the internet amuses us with videos of bears shimmying against trees, lion families frolicking, or other images showing dangerous predators looking cute or funny.  No matter how they look, though, they are still predators.  The same is true for leftists.  Lightfoot may look like a damn fool, but she's destroying one of America's great cities.  Likewise, these scrawny Antifa youths with their violent posturing for the camera look like jokes, but, once in packs, they too will destroy cities and murder innocents.

You should laugh at both of these videos, but don't forget that the people shown are just as surely predators as those dancing bears.

Image: Antifa goons preparing for battle.  Twitter screen grab.

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