Moses, Trump, and Limbaugh

Every time I hear Rush Limbaugh's voice at noon on his Excellence in Broadcasting radio program, I give thanks that he has summoned the courage to fight another day.  I can only imagine the physical and mental challenges he faces as he wrestles with his disease.  It is with gratitude that I realize he is not going to wallow in self-pity, and he is not going to become silent concerning another existential battle — the fight for America. The daily Democrat dishonesty and duplicity is nauseating to witness.  Their arrogance and condescension to the "deplorables" ooze from their very pores.  Will sufficient numbers of Americans be revolted by the stench of deception and the hatred of America?  Will they pull the lever for Trump, yet another man who could easily walk away from this battle for the country? Trump has given up so much to fight for the country.  Do we even appreciate...(Read Full Post)
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