Moses, Trump, and Limbaugh

Every time I hear Rush Limbaugh's voice at noon on his Excellence in Broadcasting radio program, I give thanks that he has summoned the courage to fight another day.  I can only imagine the physical and mental challenges he faces as he wrestles with his disease.  It is with gratitude that I realize he is not going to wallow in self-pity, and he is not going to become silent concerning another existential battle — the fight for America.

The daily Democrat dishonesty and duplicity is nauseating to witness.  Their arrogance and condescension to the "deplorables" ooze from their very pores.  Will sufficient numbers of Americans be revolted by the stench of deception and the hatred of America?  Will they pull the lever for Trump, yet another man who could easily walk away from this battle for the country?

Trump has given up so much to fight for the country.  Do we even appreciate this?  The awe and regard that Limbaugh and Trump have for these United States of America are a shining testament to their belief in her ideals — the greatest ideas that ever resulted from the minds of men under the direction of a Supreme Creator. 

Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen in A Patriot's History of the United States describe "four pillars" that embody American exceptionalism.  They are:

(a) the belief that individual church congregations, not a church hierarchy should set local church or religious policy.

(b) the belief that G-d put the law in the hearts of the people and they, in turn, elect those who would reflect the general will.  This was in direct contrast to the idea of monarchs or a top-down form of government.

(c) the right to own private property with written titles and deeds which, in turn, support respect for the law.

(d) capitalism or free markets which "undergirded America's penchant for the protection of individual rights and the distaste for 'big government.'" 

Free markets rely on individual choice, whereas centralized government fails at advancing an economy.

But with the decline in civics and history education, Americans have been misled by those who would eviscerate her.  It is reminiscent of the story of the biblical Israelites as they began their journey to being a free people.

In Deuteronomy XXXII, Moses reviews the trials and tribulations of his people.  The Song of Moses ends on a hopeful note but not before reminding the people that "they are a nation devoid of counsel, and they have no understanding."  In fact, "[i]f they were wise, they would understand this; they would reflect upon their fate."  In fact, "the appointed day of their reckoning is near and what is destined for them hastens."  Moses reiterates that "it is not an empty thing for you, for it is your life, and through this thing, you will lengthen your days upon the land[.]"

With less than three weeks before the most important election of our time, will we continue to hold tight to America, or will we witness the death rattle of our nation as the radical Democrat party reshapes the nation to  resemble Venezuela, Cuba, or Communist China? 

As Bruce Hendry has written in Democrats, Progressivesand Socialists, we must be unrelenting in exposing the dangerous platform that the Democrats want to implement.  Ultimately, it is an "ongoing philosophical battle between individual liberty and the attempt by Democrats to shift the power from the citizens and give it to the government."  Simply put: Individual power and choice versus restrictive governmental control and censorship. 

We cannot continue to abide by politically correct speech which silences our ideas. 

We dare not slide into socialism which will make everyone equal — equally destitute and without hope for the future. 

We cannot be disarmed.  History proves that authoritarian governments, such as Cuba, Nazi Germany, and the Soviet communists, disarmed their populations as a means to wrest power from their citizens and transfer it to the government.  You cannot protect yourself from an armed government if your weapon has been taken from you.

Whether they call themselves Democrats, Progressives, the Left, Socialists or Democratic Socialists, those who embrace this ideology demand absolute obedience as they coerce Americans in every aspect of life. Rather than provide equal justice under the law and equal opportunity for all they will never stop in stripping us of our inherent natural rights and liberty. 

The Democrats' scorn for these ideas is reflected in their insouciance of them.  They speak with forked tongue and change their viewpoints by the day.  Lying comes naturally to them.

Instead, we must honor the notion of private property and not succumb to Kamala Harris's acceptance of Black Lives Matter riots as she asserts, "They're not gonna stop.  And everyone beware, because they're not gonna stop ... before election Day in November, and they're not gonna stop after Election Day."

Yet, Jon Perazzo clearly explains that Black Lives Matter is "code for Marxist hate dressed up as racial justice."

Black Lives Matter's name is a carefully crafted deception, designed to draw attention away from the fact that BLM is a hardcore Marxist movement whose overriding mission is to raze American society and its traditions to the ground [.]

BLM is the very embodiment of Marxism, anti-Semitism, and racism, a trifecta of wickedness capable of destroying any society.

That Kamala Harris, potentially one heartbeat away from presidential power, would embrace this organization should terrify anyone. When people are asked whether they want to defund the police, they overwhelmingly say "no," yet the Democrat party continues to put everyone, particularly minority citizens, in harm's way.

We must exhort our friends, neighbors, and family to look beyond the deceptive euphemistic words and instead heed the proven results of the ideas that the Democrats continually tout. If all decent and well-meaning people actually realize what their words mean, they would recoil in horror.

From Pelosi's now legendary "we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it" regarding  Obamacare to Biden's refusal to acknowledge that the Democrats will pack the court, it is patently clear that they have nothing but contempt for the people of this country.  No matter the impact on our lives, the Democrats will keep us in the dark as they amass greater and greater power.

Schweikart and Allen write "only in America, where one was permitted to do almost anything but expected to do the best thing" did the twin principles of liberty and virtue germinate." For those who love America, it is an ardent hope that these two ideas will again predominate.  In fact, this will be the ultimate test of the American people this November.

I pray that Limbaugh's voice of reason will continue with us for many years and that he sees Americans take back their country from the evil that is enveloping the land.  It would be yet another richly deserved award just like the Presidential Medal of Freedom given to him by President Trump.

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Ultimately, the greatest gift would be the mandate from the American people to Make America Great Again.

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