Last call for freedom

Liberalism is a cult.  It is not a philosophy of government.  It is the mask that madness wears in twenty-first-century politics and culture.  Its votaries now embrace an idea system of stupidity and error, a refuge of political identity for unfinished minds, altogether inclusive in its message and totalitarian in its instincts.  Rational thinking has become offensive and intolerable in accordance with the leftist assertion that the lie is stronger than the truth.  In pursuit of meaning and relevance through cultish activism, the new liberals are held captive to a hostile and controlling ideology.  They hate as only the young can hate, as their teachers have taught them to hate, as only mobs and ignorant tribes can hate, and they cannot escape their hatred. What will become of the children of this hatred?  Liberals are more skillful in convincing one another of their righteousness than they are the millions who...(Read Full Post)
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