Jonathan, why did you wait so long to say it?

Former V.P. Joe Biden has been the de facto nominee since the spring.  Senator Kamala Harris was selected in August.  For months, Biden and Harris have been avoiding the press.  Suddenly, Jonathan Karl of ABC has had enough: At a fundraiser tonight, @KamalaHarris played trivia and answered questions from the cast of The Avengers," Karl tweeted. "And with that, the Democratic VP nominee has now taken more questions from cast of The Avengers than from the traveling press covering her campaign."  Poor Jonathan.  Like the 15-year-old sophomore boy who does not get respect from the 18-year-old senior girl, Jonathan feels slighted.  Why would she take Jonathan's questions anyway?  The Biden-Harris campaign knows that the reporters are in the tank for it.  Biden and Harris are counting on people like Jonathan Karl to ask President Trump hostile questions and then turn around and ask Biden about his ice cream...(Read Full Post)
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