Joe and Hillary: Strange parallels

I could not help but notice a strange parallel between the Biden campaign of 2020 and the Clinton campaign of 2016. In 2016, Clinton had an email problem.  She, her party, and the compliant press all tried to hide it, play it down, and do everything else to minimize the damage.  When the election was over, Clinton commented that she would have won but for the emails (exposing her corruption).  I thought then, what a sick campaign strategy, to hide her corruption long enough for her to be elected and then make it all go away.  We now know that others also believed and counted on a lot of activities to be swept under the rug and forever buried with her election.  Well, it did not turn out as they expected, and the evidence is now piling up about levels of corruption never before seen in American politics. We are now in the 2020 election cycle, and Joe Biden has an email problem, too.  As with Clinton, every effort is...(Read Full Post)
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