In San Francisco, Antifa violently attacked free speech supporters

One of the frightening things about media outlets in 2020 is how subtle and sophisticated their lies are. A good example is how the Associated Press (“AP”) covered a violent Antifa attack against a small group gathered in the city to show support for Donald Trump and free speech. Videos of the event show hundreds of Antifa protesters, many armed with projectiles, brutally assaulting the free-speech crowd, including the black leader of the pro-Trump, pro-First Amendment assembly. Neither the brutal violence nor the race of the man assaulted appear in the AP report.

The following videos show how violent the mob was. The images are disturbing, graphic, grotesque, and wrapped in Antifa obscenities.

When I watch these videos, I always think that Antifa mobs are exactly like hyenas: They consist of hideously ugly creatures who are cowardly when alone but, when in a pack, viciously attack anyone they perceive as vulnerable.

Here, the hyenas violently targeted a man wearing a MAGA hat:

The leader of the pro-Trump, free speech rally was Phillip Anderson, who is black. You can see him surrounded by Antifa hyenas, one of whom sucker-punches Anderson before he’s hustled away:

Anderson suffered a grievous injury from the attack:

No one is safe from the Antifa hyenas, not even a small Asian woman. Because she said, “God bless you,” the hyenas assaulted and stole from her. Listen for the shrieking woman swearing at the Asian woman. I’ve said before that leftism drives women mad:

Anderson, in the hospital, had something to say to Biden:

In sum, this was a small gathering of multi-racial Trump and First Amendment supporters. Hundreds of violent Antifa hyenas assaulted them, both verbally and physically – and they injured the police along the way. AP, however, didn’t see it this way.

AP’s artful dissimulation appears in the report’s title: “Conservatives staging free speech rally attacked by critics.” “Critics?” Could the language be more Orwellian?

The opening paragraph continues in full Orwell mode, describing the conservatives as “activists” and the Antifa hyenas as “counterprotesters.” Just as Antifa’s terrorists are not “critics,” they were not engaged in a “counterprotest.” Instead, they came to deliver brutal physical assaults against people standing for the President and the Constitution.

AP, which is usually so obsessed with race, also can’t bring itself to identify Anderson’s race. Instead, AP describes Anderson only as “the organizer of the event.” You have to click through several accompanying photographs to learn that Anderson is a black Trump supporter.

What the AP did isn’t reporting; it’s propaganda. Indeed, the protest and the AP report are a perfect distillation of leftism in America.

On the one hand, we have brutal violence against those who stand for the Constitution and support a Republican president. (Democrats have gone so far to the left that any Republican president would have generated the same extremism.) And on the other hand, we have a media that intentionally use Orwellian language to hide from its credulous readership the full horrors of Marxists marching on America’s streets.

These Antifa terrorists are Biden’s and Harris’ people. However, while Democrats insinuate that voting for Biden will stop them, that’s not true. Instead, a vote for Biden tells the terrorists that their tactics worked and that they should continue them.

However, a Trump victory gives the President a free hand. There’ll be no more Russia hoaxes, no more impeachments, and no more campaigning. In Trump’s second term, things get real.

Image: An Antifa goon brutally attacks Phillip Anderson. Twitter screengrab.

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