‘Time Magazine doesn’t want people to know that they don’t have to live in tyranny.’

We’re now in month seven of the 15-day lockdown. While many Republican-run states have eased up on the lockdown, leftist-run states are still imprisoning their citizens. Time Magazine is doing its bit to keep the racket going. It argues that working-class Americans must continue to serve housebound middle-class Americans because Sweden, which opted for normalcy in 2020, is a disaster. Only crazy people, says Time, would follow Sweden’s freedom model. Tony Heller, however, has pulled back the curtain to expose the huge lies in that article.

I’m old enough to remember when Time Magazine was a reasonably reputable, center-right magazine. Now, of course, like any other mainstream media outlet, it’s a leftist magazine that exists to advance the Democrat party. Its latest effort is an article boldly claiming that “The Swedish COVID-19 Response Is a Disaster. It Shouldn’t Be a Model for the Rest of the World”:

The Swedish COVID-19 experiment of not implementing early and strong measures to safeguard the population has been hotly debated around the world, but at this point we can predict it is almost certain to result in a net failure in terms of death and suffering. As of Oct. 13, Sweden’s per capita death rate is 58.4 per 100,000 people, according to Johns Hopkins University data, 12th highest in the world (not including tiny Andorra and San Marino). But perhaps more striking are the findings of a study published Oct. 12 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, which pointed out that, of the countries the researchers investigated, Sweden and the U.S. essentially make up a category of two: they are the only countries with high overall mortality rates that have failed to rapidly reduce those numbers as the pandemic has progressed.

Two things jump out about that paragraph. First, as even leftists admit, the Journal of the American Medical Association, true to O’Sullivan’s law, reflects that the American Medical Association, once a centrist organization, is now hard left in its orientation. Sadly, the magazine reflects the AMA’s politics and, consequentially, the way the left politicizes science. It is not reliable.

Second, contrary to the assertion that America and Sweden are the worst places in the First World when it comes to the Wuhan virus, Europe (not including Sweden) is currently a Wuhan virus disaster, with rapidly rising case numbers.

Time also argues that “Countries that locked down early and/or used extensive test and tracing—including Denmark, Finland, Norway, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and New Zealand—saved lives and limited damage to their economies.” Just one example puts the lie to that assertion.

New Zealand fell into its deepest economic slump on record in the second quarter as its battle against the coronavirus pandemic paralysed business activity, official data showed on Thursday.

Gross domestic product contracted a seasonally adjusted 12.2 per cent quarter-on-quarter, its sharpest quarterly contraction on record and largely in line with forecasts of a 12.8 per cent decline from economists polled by Reuters. GDP fell 12.4 per cent year-on-year.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand had forecast a quarterly and annual GDP decline of 14 per cent in its August statement.

Growth has been hit by a standstill in economic activity as a strict nationwide coronavirus lockdown in April and parts of May forced almost everyone to stay at home and businesses to shut.

As the legal saying goes, falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus. That is, if Time is false about New Zealand’s economy, it’s probably false about the economies of some or all of those other countries too.

However, as the video below shows, where Time departs most egregiously from the truth is with its statistics about Sweden. It also muddies its numbers about America by pretending that it doesn’t matter that Democrat-run New York and New Jersey account for most American Wuhan virus deaths. Remove those states from the equation, and America has done remarkably well.

Tony Heller, who has a ridiculously long scientific and analytical resume, has picked apart the statistical lies in the Time article:

Why would Time Magazine publish something so dishonest? The answer lies with the upcoming election. The centerpiece of Joe Biden’s campaign is that Donald Trump is a mass murderer.

Of course, that theory ignores the fact that it was the Democrat-run states, which had lockdowns, that saw the most American deaths. It also ignores that lockdowns have led to a considerable uptick in deaths from drug abuse, suicide, dementia, and untreated illnesses such as cancer and diabetes.

However, if you’re Joe Biden and have a compliant media that will advance any lie to get you elected, the facts are irrelevant. It’s only those of us who are smart enough to watch Tony Heller who know where the truth lies – and, as usual, the truth lies with liberty, not tyranny.

Image: Daily Wuhan virus deaths in Sweden. YouTube screengrab.

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