Hollywood loves Joe Biden because it's kind of like Joe Biden

I use the term "Hollywood" to refer to the numerous actors, actresses, singers, and other entertainers such as the NFL and NBA — and alsothe media, which are a major wing of the Democratic Party.  All of these loudly, openly, and obnoxiously support Joe Biden.

Why do they support a corrupt, lying career politician who has never had a real job in the private sector but has been on the public payroll for 47 years enriching himself and his family?

Let us be honest.  Actors read lines written by others, make faces, and change their voices to suit the scene.  Some singers write their own songs.  But again, most sing tunes written by others.

Athletes such as basketball and football players are born with gifts of physical ability that they hone to play sports.  They can run, jump, catch and throw a ball, and dribble and shoot a ball.

What does any of the above qualify these people to lecture us on abortion, immigration, and who to vote for for president?

They "entertain."  There is nothing wrong with entertaining us, but do we need them to lecture us?

Hollywood comprises a bunch of phony hypocrites who earn more than they ever dreamed they could.  They live in mansions, drive expensive cars, and have no regular real contact with normal working Americans.  They have not invented or improved any machines, products, medicine, or other items that enhance our way of life.

For example, every day, we get lectured by Rob Meathead Reiner, Barbra Streisand, Alyssa Milano, etc.  The worst is Hanoi Jane Fonda, who laughingly told us that the China virus is a gift from God to the left.

There are many examples of Hollywood lecturing us.  On Sunday, October 11, 2020, the ABC local station in Pittsburgh ran an interview with Michael Keaton that was essentially an ad for Biden.  The supposed reason for the interview is that Keaton was born in the Pittsburgh area.  But it was a slobbering Biden ad to influence the vote in a key state, Pennsylvania.  He said Joe Biden looks you in the eye and tells the truth.  He said this is a moment of history.  Keaton, acting as a regular blue-collar working guy, said he is from a town between two mill towns, McKees Rocks and Coraopolis.

The truth is that Keaton is from Robinson Township, a middle-class suburb, and attended a good suburban school, Montour.  He has a net worth of over $15 million and owns and resides on a ranch in lily-white Montana.

Keaton, as a representative of the Hollywood hypocrites, did not buy a house to live in McKees Rocks or Coraopolis.  These towns are run-down old factory towns with population diversity that reflects Hollywood's lectures on how we should live.  Keaton, though, opts for 89%-white, 0.06%-black Montana.

The bottom line is that these hypocrites know they make lots of money doing nothing of any real importance.  So they want to feel important by lecturing us on how to live.  They are attracted to the redistributionist polices of the left to assuage their conscience about the money they make for the relatively insignificant work they do.

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