Hollywood loves Joe Biden because it's kind of like Joe Biden

I use the term "Hollywood" to refer to the numerous actors, actresses, singers, and other entertainers such as the NFL and NBA — and alsothe media, which are a major wing of the Democratic Party.  All of these loudly, openly, and obnoxiously support Joe Biden. Why do they support a corrupt, lying career politician who has never had a real job in the private sector but has been on the public payroll for 47 years enriching himself and his family? Let us be honest.  Actors read lines written by others, make faces, and change their voices to suit the scene.  Some singers write their own songs.  But again, most sing tunes written by others. Athletes such as basketball and football players are born with gifts of physical ability that they hone to play sports.  They can run, jump, catch and throw a ball, and dribble and shoot a ball. What does any of the above qualify these people to lecture us on abortion,...(Read Full Post)
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