Handling rallies while the president is quarantined

With President Trump having to sequester in the White House through October 15, and with only 29 days until the election, the campaign can't afford to have President Trump off the circuit for live rallies for the next couple of weeks, or for any length of time, for that matter.

Live rallies are a big part of what helped Trump defeat Hillary in 2016.  It was his rallies that fueled enthusiasm for Trump down the stretch in October 2016.  Shutting them down now in this close election could spell disaster for the president's re-election bid.

The best bet for the campaign at this time is to continue live Trump rallies.  There's no better man to fill that role than President Donald J. Trump's namesake — Donald J. Trump, Junior.

Like his dad, Don Jr. has a strong presence and is an excellent and powerful speaker.  Don Jr. also has a great command of his dad's accomplishments and vision for the country.  There is no one better to continue the attack on Sleepy Joe and his socialist agenda than Don Jr.

BBC White House reporter Tara McKelvey said Donald Trump, Jr. is "Trumpier than Trump."  Here's a portion of a piece McKelvey wrote for BBC News:

A fierce advocate for his father's platform, Donald Trump Jr's supporters say he can electrify a room while his detractors accuse him of pouring petrol on the flames.

His presentations are laced with full-throated attacks on liberals, Hunter Biden - Joe Biden's son - and on the media (that's when the crowd roars).

Firebrand speaker, sportsman and big-game hunter, Mr Trump is doing everything he can to help his father win re-election. The Republican strategy has focused on energising the president's base of supporters, and they see the younger Mr Trump as their ace in the hole.

There's no doubt that, in his father's absence, Don Jr. could draw huge crowds at Trump rallies — and considering the circumstances, maybe even bigger crowds.  President Trump can make an appearance at the rallies via a live feed to give an update on how he and Melania are doing and then introduce Don Jr. to get the crowd pumped up.

Showcasing Don Jr. makes the best of a bad situation to help get President Trump re-elected.  And who knows?  Maybe these rallies will introduce America to the 2024 Republican presidential nominee: Donald J. Trump, Jr.

Image: Donald Trump, Jr. (cropped) by Gage Skidmore.  CC BY-SA 2.0.