Governors run amok on COVID don't care about science

The so-called leaders who occupy governors' mansions in most states can't possibly believe their own edicts regarding the dying-out COVID-19 virus.  The restrictions they delight in handing down are so arbitrary as to invite ridicule.  The number of cases — whatever that means, and nobody has defined it — is a useless metric; it's an absurd benchmark for "allowing" people to live their own lives.

Question for governors and "health" directors: what is the science behind your edicts?

In Arkansas, the latest directive (Sept. 9), supposedly based on Arkansas law (which, unfortunately for the ruling class, does not trump the Constitution), grants to the peons who run restaurants that they can open to 66 percent of capacity.  If 66 percent is okay, why not 68 percent?  Would 64 percent be a waste of space?  Why not 72 percent?  What is the science that determines this?

The now-gospel six feet of distance between persons must be observed.  Six feet?  Why not 15 feet, if the oh, so dangerous COVID virus might getcha?  Or why not three feet, since it clearly is not dangerous to be in a restaurant with other people?

Why is a mask necessary if you're standing up in a restaurant, but not if you're sitting down?  Does a virus care if you're closer to the ceiling?  Does a virus see an opportunity if you've moved two feet from your table to order a drink or catch someone's attention?

Tyrannical governors — wimps and charlatans that they are — love to pass off their lunacy to "following the CDC."  They claim to follow science but never give proof of doing so.  If they had any integrity, they would own what they're doing.  If they aren't strong enough to stand and declare their actions to be just by evidence they have, they're simply hucksters and oppressors and unworthy of their offices. 

Perhaps they should refer to sources that are scientific, though that would get in the way of them exchanging pats on the back with the ones they direct (health departments) to oppress people in their daily decrees.  They all think they're YouTube stars.  How pathetic.

Instead of gazing lovingly into the mirror, or genuflecting at the mention of multiple failure Anthony Fauci, why won't the governors investigate the science of COVID? 

Why did they enthusiastically embrace the phony idea of 200 million dead Americans, but they ignore the CDC admission that only six percent of all deaths credited to COVID actually are exclusively from COVID?  What is your governor's position on the fact that there is no way to link the rest of the deaths — 94 percent — definitively to the virus that has turned out to be no more deadly than a seasonal flu?  Why the lockdowns without scientific evidence?  Why the masks without scientific evidence

The onus is on the governors to provide scientific evidence that what they're doing is necessary.  The questions raised in this article are not complicated.  If COVID is so dangerous, certainly the governors can answer them.  But they won't, because they can't, and they can't, because they aren't basing their actions on science.

"Follow the money" is a familiar phrase in politics.  There is a lot of money to be made in fear-mongering. 

Consider what we know.  Hospitals receive extra tax money for COVID cases (because other health issues aren't as important), which led to falsified reporting of deaths and "cases" by medical personnel.  A new mask industry has quickly emerged (an enterprising reporter could make a name investigating who is making money from it).  Pharmaceutical companies stand to make a fortune from COVID treatments that cost a fortune (instead of people using hydroxychloroquine, an inexpensive alternative that has been proven to work).

There are more reasons to be skeptical, but you get the idea.  And don't forget the human nature factor: some people (governors) act just to get noticed; some people (governors) act just to show that they can — right, Governor Newsom (Calif.)?  Governor Whitmer (Mich.)?  Governor Walz (Minn.)?  Governor Hutchinson (Ark.)?

Narcissism is not uncommon among those who seek fame, fortune, and high office.  Over time, governors have become little more than groveling lapdogs of the federal government.  They know that.  Therefore, in their quest to be relevant, they act as tyrants to let you know whom you shall serve.  You living in liberty would only reveal how little you need life advice from politicians and how unimportant they are.

Science is the last thing they care about, but you must call them out on it.  Write your governor a letter; send an email; call the office.  Your liberty — and that of your children and grandchildren — depends on it.

Joel Krogen is a Lutheran pastor compelled to call out the sinful oppression by authorities that has become common.  Those in government are servants of God and us — not masters.

Image: Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia.  Craig via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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