Google and happy white women

Go to Google, search "happy black woman," press Images, then scroll down several pages.  Repeat with "happy Asian woman."  Then try "happy white woman."  Notice anything?  The first two searches return images of a single, smiling woman.  But white women are shown in relationships, and most of those are interracial.  Haven't we been lectured for decades that women do not need a man to be complete? Repeat those searches with Bing and Duckduckgo.  Well, that's curious.  Entirely different results: Images of a single, smiling woman are returned for all three searches. Back to Google.  The topic has generated lots of questions, and Google has helpfully provided a recommended answer, by one Jason King, Ad Grants Certified Professional: "In what way are they different?  Please provide screenshots.  This question, and variants...(Read Full Post)
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