George Will's 'I hate Trump' crusade

How much does George Will hate President Trump?  Quite a bit. In fact, he hates him so much that he'd rather have Joe Biden inaugurated next January. In his latest column, Will mocks President Trump's supporters by asking if they are tired of winning.  He spends much of the column talking about our voting problems but does not put it in context, such as having an election in a middle of a pandemic. What disturbs me about Mr. Will is that he fails to see what President Trump has accomplished. What about putting two, and now three, justices on the Supreme Court?  Three hundred judges in the federal courts?  Is that bad, Mr. Will?  Frankly, I'm not tired of that winning.  Let's keep winning. On domestic policy, we had a super-strong economy back in March.  How many times did we hear Will on TV call for tax cuts and the end of regulations?  I spent much of the...(Read Full Post)
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