Finally, an accurate poll?

Everyone remembers the wildly inaccurate predictions of a Hillary Clinton landslide right up through the morning of Election Day 2016.  The New York Times confidently predicted Clinton with an 85-percent chance of winning.  Reuters gave Clinton a 90-percent chance, and ABC News gave her a 95-percent chance of being elected president.  (You can see more of those inaccurate polls here.) I suspect that the polls were biased, in part, and their methodology was obsolete.  Also, there may have been some trickery at work with Trump voters deliberately deceiving pollsters. With this in mind, we are now being told that Joe Biden has opened up a double-digit lead over President Trump in the latest 2020 presidential election polling data.  I submit that many Trump voters are being less than candid with pollsters, even more so than they were in 2016. One Gallup polling question may be...(Read Full Post)
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