Cuomo: All NY COVID-19 deaths are Trump's fault

On Tuesday, N.Y. governor Andrew "Il Duce" Cuomo exhibited perhaps his most disturbing detachment from reality to date when he exclaimed, "I hold Donald Trump responsible for every death in New York State from COVID because Trump lied."  This rant becomes even more disturbing when you consider that Cutthroat Cuomo has directly killed thousands of seniors, and indirectly probably thousands more due to suicide, restrictions on hospitals for "elective" procedures, financial ruin, etc.  Adding to this troubling inability to grasp reality, during his daily phone briefing with reporters, Emperor Andy once again played the shill for the CCP by stating, "New York State had that big burst because it came from Europe, and not China[.]"

From the very onset, Cuomo has viewed this "crisis" as a way to acquire ever more unconstitutional power, and, perhaps even more enticing to this economic illiterate, as a means of bailing out his state from the financial ruin he has led it into.  It would appear that "flattening the curve" was never Cuomo's objective; otherwise, we'd have been through with this lockdown/phase 1–4/quarantine nonsense long ago.  Instead, he is cynically using the mind-warping TDS that has afflicted most of his base to prolong the illusion that we still need all these drastic measures in place, holding on to the hope (and doing everything in, and beyond, his power to make it so) that Biden is elected so that, unlike Trump, he will provide Cuomo with the $13 billion or so needed to keep his fiefdom afloat.  Meanwhile, any remaining New York businesses languish under stultifying restrictions and continued uncertainty.  So now, in a blatant display of projection and prevarication, he is attempting to place all the blame for his failure to protect the citizens of N.Y., in addition to years of financial malfeasance, on the shoulders of his enemy, the president of the United States.

Image: Diana Robinson.

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