Creepy Joe goes to Florida

Joe Biden, who's been bunkered up out of presumably protecting himself from COVID, is back on the campaign trail, this time attempting to win votes in Florida.  He was out and about, speaking impromptu, and it didn't take long for the talk to get gross.


[T]he good news is, for me, I'm here. The bad news, for you, is, I'm comin' back. I'm comin' back. And I wanna see these beautiful young ladies (points to elementary-school aged girls sitting in the back), I wanna see them dancin' when they're four years older, too. So. It's great to see you. So thank you.  

It sounds like the kind of thing a pedophile, focused closely on what's of legal, and barely legal, age, might say, focusing on that four-year mark to get to "barely legal."

The other thing that's cringe-inducing is the pasha-like fascination with dancing girls, even though the elementary school–aged girls he was pointing to most certainly were not dancing.  Why didn't he point to some boys, or some random old people, or a happy-looking couple?  Somehow, wandering around without staying in the social-distancing circle his team made everyone else stand in, Biden effectively pointed to the girls and told them to "dance" for him, a creepy Roman emperor or King Herod thing, something one orders of one's slaves.

And speaking of that, most of the audience in attendance was Haitian black people.  What's even creepier than a pervy pedophile pointing to young girls and commanding them to dance for him is the spectacle of an old white colonialist perv calling on black girls to dance for him.  If I were those kids' mother, I'd yank them from that event immediately.

Context is important, though, and maybe Biden's remark could be dismissed, right?  We know that his team will do that.  But he's got a long history of these kinds of "Creepy Joe" remarks.  He makes them when he's relaxed and expansive, and given the poll numbers now showing him comfortably ahead and the good news for him that his rival was sick with COVID, he was out feeling his oats.

Biden has a long history of pervy acts when he thinks no one's looking or expects that no one cares.  CBS's 60 Minutes aired an exposé of Biden's alleged sexual assault by a former aide named Tara Australia just this past Sunday.

There was also Lucy Flores, a Nevada candidate for political office who said Biden engaged in "unwanted touching," something the press has failed to follow up on as Biden conveniently claims he can't remember.

There's been other acts, repeatedly other acts, with him pretty much always going for the comely young women or the very young girls:

Business Insider has a list here.

Whenever Biden is allowed out to campaign, these kinds of creepy statements happen.  If he's not sounding garbled or senile, and he's not insulting a voter, he's doing this.  It's his happy act, zeroing in on little girls and making suggestive remarks.

Why this guy is the best the Democrats can do tells us a lot about the nature of their party.  Expect to see a lot more of this.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot, enhanced with FotoSketcher.

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