Rescued from the memory hole: The disgrace that caused Biden to withdraw and slink away from running for president in 1988

This video from 1988 is well worth 4+ minutes of your time for several reasons.

The Joe Biden of 32 years ago is a stark contrast to the doddering old man we see today.  It is really startling to see how animated and emphatic he was back then.  The extent of his mental deterioration is made vividly clear.

Equally vivid is the extent of his perfidiousness, his utter lack of character and willingness to lie about his life.  Because he continues to lie about himself today, it is clear that he has not changed a bit from the defects of character that caused him to withdraw in shame from the quest for the nation's highest office.

This segment from Connie Chung's CBS Evening News, back when the MSM were not mindless propaganda outlets for the Democrats, shows Biden delivering lines stolen from British left-wing Labor politician Neil Kinnock, followed by Kinnock delivering those same lines before Biden stole them.  It is quietly hilarious.

There is no reason why Joe Biden should be tolerated as a presidential candidate when he proved himself to be such an untrustworthy scoundrel that he withdrew in shame.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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