Chelsea Clinton exemplifies the fantasy world in which leftists live

On Sunday, Monica Showalter demonstrated that Chelsea Clinton is a horrible person to have as a friend.  (Or is just a horrible person, period.)  Today, it's time to demonstrate that Chelsea Clinton isn't just a horrible friend and person, but also lives in a fantasy world untethered to facts.  In this regard, Chelsea is just like every other anti-Trump leftist.

Chelsea Clinton is an almost pathetic person.  She's got a handful of degrees from prestigious institutions, but she hasn't done anything with them.  Chelsea got every job she's held because she's famous, not because she has any discernible talent.  That's it.  That's what Chelsea Clinton is.  Oh, and despite making the best of her looks, and I applaud her for that, Chelsea's no raving beauty.

Chelsea's ex-friend Ivanka Trump is everything Chelsea's not.  The most obvious thing about Ivanka is that she's stunningly beautiful.  There are rumors that a lot of her beauty is from plastic surgery, which may be true, but the final product looks good.  Additionally, long before she became first daughter, Ivanka was a business powerhouse — and while it's likely she wouldn't have been as successful if it hadn't been for the Trump family name, right up until leftists destroyed her businesses, she was doing well.

Perhaps it's no surprise that, as Monica Showalter reported, Chelsea not only dumped Ivanka, but she did so by launching vicious attacks against Ivanka's father:

"We were in touch at the beginning of the campaign, but it's just really hard when there's someone who's actively embracing their candidate, whether it's their father or not, who is trafficking in racism and sexism and anti-semitism and Islamophobia and homophobia and transphobia and conspiracy theories and lies and is so fundamentally corrupt," Clinton explained.

Wow!  That's some nasty stuff — and every single statement is a lie.  Let's take them one at a time:

Trafficking in racism: Before his presidency, Trump was valued in New York's black community:

Trump never said white supremacists were fine people, and he has repeatedly disavowed white supremacists (not that he should have to).  The left's claims about "racism" are all based upon "microaggressions."  These are what leftists find in the absence of actual racism.  When it comes to microaggressions and open racism, the big winner is Joe Biden, whom the left protects.

Trump has not signed laws or passed regulations that discriminate against people based on race.  What did happen under Trump is that minorities have done better under his administration than they have since these types of records started being kept 70 years or so ago.

Sexism: Trump has more women in his administration than Obama, Bush, or Clinton.  Trump was the first major New York developer to give women management roles in large projects (although gratitude is not one woman's strong point).  Trump has not signed laws or passed regulations that discriminate against women.

Anti-Semitism: In Israel, they adore Trump because he is bringing peace to the region — and he did so by sidelining the Palestinians.  When he finally moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and acknowledged Israel's right to the Golan Heights, he revealed to the Arab world that the Palestinians are yesterday's news and also showed unprecedented respect for Israel's sovereignty and security.  His beloved daughter is Jewish, as are three of his grandchildren.  If all anti-Semites were like Trump, Jews would never be endangered again.

Islamophobia: Trump took the list the Obama administration had prepared showing terrorist countries (almost all of which happened to be Muslim) and said that they couldn't send people here until proper security measures were in place.  He destroyed ISIS, which was Islamic.  And of course, he's bringing peace to the Middle East, which benefits the region's Muslims.

Trump has not signed laws or passed regulations that discriminate against Muslims.

Homophobia: Two words: Ric Grenell.  He's openly gay, he's one of the most influential people in the administration, and he and Trump are doing something no Democrat ever did: trying to protect gay people around the world.  Gays who have lived without the benefit of America's protections love him for it.

Transphobia: Trump did not want transgender people in the military.  Wanting to ensure that people with severe body dysmorphia do not serve is smart, not transphobic.

Conspiracy Theories: It's not a theory.  We now know with absolute certainty that the Obama administration conspired with the CIA, the DOJ, and the FBI to spy on Trump before and after the election.

Fundamentally Corrupt: Trump has had the equivalent of a daily colonoscopy since entering the White House.  No president has ever been so clean.

Chelsea is unattractive, talented, delusional, dishonest, and a lousy friend.  I think you'll agree with me that Ivanka is better off without her.

Image: Public Domain photos of Chelsea and Ivanka, edited in Pixlr.