Chelsea Clinton demonstrates what kind of a hideous, lousy friend she is

Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump are reported in the media to be rivals of sorts.

Well, here's a rivaly no one would want to hope for: Which of the two has the lousiest former friends.

This week, Melania Trump's former friend, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, secretly recorded Melania expressing frustration with having to do White House Christmas decorations instead of serve people, and then broadcast her sneakitude to the press for adulation and book deals, literally profiting one, two, many times on her longtime friendship with Melania Trump. Who needs friends when there's money to be had?

But not to be outdone, Chelsea Clinton has stepped forward into the spotlight, to tell everyone why she refuses to speak to her longtime childhood friend, Ivanka Trump, and it's a doozy. 

According to USAToday:

Chelsea Clinton offered a detailed explanation about her fallout with former friend Ivanka Trump, which followed the 2016 presidential election when Ivanka's dad defeated Chelsea's mom.
On Thursday's episode of "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen," Chelsea Clinton, 40, said she and Ivanka Trump haven't spoken since 2016. During the discussion with host Andy Cohen, Clinton criticized the first daughter for "actively taking part in this administration's everyday collision of cruelty and incompetence."
Clinton didn't hold back in her criticism of her former pal.
"We were in touch at the beginning of the campaign, but it's just really hard when there's someone who's actively embracing their candidate, whether it's their father or not, who is trafficking in racism and sexism and anti-semitism and Islamophobia and homophobia and transphobia and conspiracy theories and lies and is so fundamentally corrupt," Clinton explained.

Umm, Chels, that's not 'actively embracing' a candidate, that's actually her actively embracing dad.

She clarified that while she believes Ivanka is not the same as her father,  she is "more than complicit."

"I don't want to be friends with someone like that."

More than complicit? What kind of creepiness is this?

No allowances for dads and daughters, Comrade Chelsea requires all friends, even longstanding friends, to reject their fathers in order to be friends with her.

She's actually willing to throw away a lifetime of childhood memories, just to be able to preen her political correctness to the press. She'd gladly sacrifice a human relationship for that. Because let's face it, friends come cheap. Or something. And cripes, she knew who Trump was, she grew up with the man and his kids. Now she's a pious pecksniff, suddenly outraged at Trump and all his loved ones because she's woke.

Hard to say which one is worse - phony profiteering friend Wolkoff or virtue-signalling Chelsea, both of whom betrayed their close friends with years of friendship in the name of the spotlight.

No one should ever want to end up having friends like that.

Image by Gage Skidmore, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0. Processed with FotoSketcher.