Can the lockdowns be ended without a fight?

California and other blue states, 200+ days into "15 days to slow the spread," are rapidly headed toward "just obey our dictates and wait for the next five-year plan."  Governor Newsom's recent guidelines on gatherings, such as Thanksgiving, may sound like a crazy joke, but it isn't: Gatherings that include more than 3 households are prohibited. This includes everyone present, including hosts and guests.  Remember, the smaller the number of people, the safer. The host should collect names of all attendees and contact information in case contact tracing is needed later. Gatherings that occur outdoors are significantly safer than indoor gatherings. All gatherings must be held outside. Attendees may go inside to use restrooms as long as the restrooms are frequently sanitized. I'm still astonished that people thought that after allowing governors to take away their constitutional rights, they...(Read Full Post)
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