Building the bridge of America's history

With no shared, nonpartisan "bridge" for our shared, nonpartisan history, the facts of our history are at risk of dying from the virus of Karl Marx.  I propose a film series to serve as a foundational baseline of America's history.  This series would be a collaborative, nonpartisan production and would be facilitated by the Trump administration.  The distance between historical events and education is badly in need of a bridge.  Our Builder-in-Chief and his administration's accomplishments in conflict resolution demonstrate the verve and integrity to work with historians and film producers from both sides of the aisle to achieve an accurate, factual testament of our country. "To my father, impossible is only a starting point" —Donald Trump, Jr. Don Jr. spoke this quote at the Republican Convention 2016 about the look in his father's eyes when he first said he was going to be our next...(Read Full Post)
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