Born for this moment

It's almost comical how Donald Trump makes leftists stumble and snort in frustration.  Right when they think they've finally got him in another of their traps, he turns the tables and then rubs their faces in it.  He has been handing the leftist monster its head for going on four years, and you'd think these people would learn.

Trump is far smarter than the idiot liberal segment of the population wants to acknowledge — perhaps because their narcissism can't handle the fact that he's smarter than they are.  And it's real-world smarts across the broad swath of human behavior.

Trump understands people at levels few ever attain.  That's why he was able to calm down the North Koreans after nobody else had gotten anywhere with them for 70 years.  That was a foreign policy triumph.  Domestically, leftists knew that they'd nail him at the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner which he wouldn't dare to dodge because it was so prestigious.  He did dodge it, and he rubbed their faces in it by staging a rally that obligated many of those same snotty correspondents to go to the despised Rubeland on the night of the dinner.  He hit them squarely where it hurt most, in their prestige.

Trump restored the situation in Syria by withdrawing our troops when everybody screamed that that would ignite WWIII.  It didn't.  Then he wedded foreign with domestic policy by completely defusing the marching caravans out of Central America when the Idiot Left was just sure it finally had him snookered.  In a domestic policy triumph with significant foreign policy implications, he supercharged the economy when the left was certain it had hobbled it so thoroughly that "new normal" was the left's byword for how things now had to be.

Perhaps the president's most brilliant insight was also the simplest: to leave the COVID response, along with the predations of BLM and Antifa, to the governors rather than trying to handle such matters out of the White House (as the left would have done).  Not only did he thus avoid venomous slings and arrows, but America got to see which approach — federalism or top-down bossy rule — was more effective.  Bossy governors such as Cuomo and Newsom and Whitmer have not emerged looking good.  More hands-off types such as Kristi Noem come out looking positively prescient.

The president was canny enough to use modern technology to do an end run around the suffocating media and communicate directly with America.  Since this merely followed in FDR's footsteps, one might have thought Trump was paying distant homage to the left's most loved president; one would have thought wrong (hat tip: Mad Dog Tannen).

You can't really credit Trump, though, when the left defeats its own purpose by accidentally baring its poisonous character.  He's fundamentally invulnerable to their evil methods and means.  When leftists do sneak in a punch — Witch Griffin scaring young Barron — America gets a glimpse of the sheer ugliness on the left.  It's hard to believe that such behavior converts anyone to their cause, yet they often get in their own way.  Witness the feud between de Blasio and Cuomo, Gropin' Joe's open nastiness, Nancy's eye-rolling meanness, and the Squad's childish churlishness.

The truth is, Donald Trump was born for this moment.  He's getting help from High Places his opponents don't want to acknowledge.  That's on them.

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