Biden lectures us on character? C'mon man!

"You know who I am; you know who he is. You know his character, and you know my character." —Joe Biden at the 10/22/20 debate

Ex–vice president Biden actually uttered those words in the debate Thursday night.  If that does not prove his mental decline, nothing does.  In the midst of what is becoming a huge scandal, the Biden family's long record of using their positions of power to get fabulously rich, Biden touted his character!  As Daniel Greenfield notes in his must-read article, "[t]he Biden family is notorious for being the crookedest clan not only in Delaware but in DC."

Greenfield goes on to explain that the Biden "clan" has been all about using their positions of power to enrich themselves for decades.  That the mainstream press is still refusing to report on the Hunter Biden laptop texts and emails is a sad testament to the left's success at Mao-izing America.  There can no longer be any doubt that the Democrats put party before country, politics before ethics and virtue.  One only has to read Robert Reich or listen to his intellectual peer Keith Olbermann to know that the Democrat party has morphed into totalitarianism.  Democrats vow to punish their opponents if Biden is elected.  Reich recommends "truth and reconciliation" camps, taking his cue from South Africa.  How's that for tyranny?

It is well and truly frightening.  The left has been steering us in this direction for decades, and it must be stopped if America is to survive. 

The evidence of Biden's profiteering is overwhelming.  It is all true; it's been true for years and years.  And everyone in Delaware and D.C. has known it.  Even left publications like Politico reported on it when no one thought Biden would become the nominee.  Hunter Biden's obvious conflict-of-interest jobs that paid him millions of dollars have bedeviled the left for years.  But they still turned blind eyes.  It's what the denizens of D.C. do.  They get rich for being there, one way or another.  That the Biden family, like the Clintons, took political graft to new heights was barely noticed.  It was and remains business as usual. 

The saddest thing about the Biden family's system of deceit for their own enrichment is that Joe used and abused his own son to do his dirty work.  Do read Stephen Green's profound column on Biden's unspeakable corruption.  He asks, how can a father who has already lost two children, one as an infant and his son Beau from brain cancer, turn his surviving son into his bagman, his front?  How indeed?  Joe touts his own character when what he has done to his own son is beyond abuse; it is criminal.

Did Hunter leave that laptop at that shop on purpose, as Roger L. Simon speculates?  No therapist would deny that possibility.  By sabotaging himself, he perhaps ends his father's exploitation of the family name.  It is entirely possible that Hunter, consciously or unconsciously, thought exposing the family business of selling influence might end his own misery and his father's campaign.  Hunter seems to be a lost soul if there ever was one.  Dickens might have invented the two of them — a father's cruel use and abuse of his own son.

If what we have read so far about the texts and emails on Hunter's laptop, Hunter was actively engaged in the sexual abuse of underage girls, one of them perhaps a relative, others young Chinese girls.  Hunter communicated this to his father, who apparently did nothing to intervene to protect these girls.  This is possibly understandable, as Joe himself is a serial groper/sniffer and perhaps rapist.  How does the Joe with "good character" explain this?  He can't.  On the character scale, this puts President Trump at 100, Biden at zero.  Remember that Trump banished Jeffrey Epstein from Mar-a-Lago.

Biden sold out his own country, over and over again, and it is all coming to light.  Will these late revelations be enough to keep him out of the White House?  We shall see.  If not, America and the way of life Americans have taken for granted for all their lives will be over.  A Biden/Harris administration will turn us into something we were never meant to be, a socialist tyranny — without free speech, without a Second Amendment, without quality medical care, without national borders, without law enforcement. 

Character matters.  For years, the media and the left tried to demonstrate that Trump lacks it.  But all they did was prove he has it and they do not.  They are willing tools of an angry left, which has taken over the Democrat party and has no character.  Their attempted destruction of Brett Kavanaugh was beyond despicable and a desperate, phony invention of an incident that never happened.  They displayed their character for all to see then.  Character is not a left-wing value.

President Trump on the other hand has proven to be a man of substantial character, on race, class and gender, the economy, and prison reform. The list of his accomplishments is long for just three-plus years. The left's indictment of his handling of COVID-19 is absurd and they know it. He did everything he could possibly have done and beyond. Joe lied in the debate when he denied accusing Trump of xenophobia when he banned flights from China and then Europe. He absolutely did. So did Pelosi.

It should be clear to every American that Joe Biden is not a man of character. For years he lied about the accident that caused his first wife's death. He has lied about so much over the years that to list them here would be extensive. He has been caught plagiarizing several times and exposed as a liar even more often. He is not a good nor decent man.

Biden, like Obama, thinks very highly of himself. Early on in his congressional career he complained that he was worth much more than he was being paid. He set out then to settle the score. And settle it he did. He's become a multi-millionaire with three mansions, but no one knows how he paid for them all. Not until now. Lincoln reportedly once said, "I would rather be a little nobody than to be an evil somebody." Biden is an evil nobody.

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