Americans' grave responsibility on November 3

Following a vice presidential debate replete with burning political issues, headlines weren't dominated by the specter of increased taxes on the middle class or the threat of China in the east.  Instead, a housefly that briefly landed on V.P. Pence's head took the news cycle and Twitter by storm, with many users creating parody accounts and conjuring ill omens on behalf of the insect. Likewise, in the wake of the first presidential debate, Americans appeared to be consumed by a bizarre, media-generated lie that President Trump had blatantly refused to condemn white supremacy, despite a documented record of the president doing so numerous times.  These antics would be amusing if they were not so clearly designed to distract voters from the important policy issues that will shape their lives and the United States for the next four years and beyond. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has proposed radical changes to various sectors of American...(Read Full Post)
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