Americans are no longer taught founding principles

Americans are no longer taught our founding principles, and too many therefore no longer cherish them.  This is why America is in grave danger of literally ceasing to it was the only nation in history founded expressly because of — and on — those ideas.  Ideas like limited government of, by, and for the people; rule of law; no taxation without representation; free-market capitalism; natural law (inalienable rights granted by our Creator); and the Judeo-Christian work ethic and value system.  These are the very reasons why the country has been so remarkably successful.  When this unique blend of ideas fails to resonate with the majority of its citizens — or is no longer even recognized — the country is gone.  G-O-N-E. No, you say, it will still be there, just with different, updated values?  Wrong.  That is like saying a church or library that has been converted into a strip club...(Read Full Post)
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