A calm, masterful Donald Trump made mincemeat of Joe Biden

The moment Donald Trump and Joe Biden appeared on the stage, Trump was in control.  He looked robust, while Biden appeared frail and slow.  Trump's dominance extended beyond looks.  He ably defended his record against attacks from both Biden and the moderator, Kristen Welker.  He also politely, but insistently, pressed Biden on his decades of failure, the damage he caused to the black community, and his corrupt dealings with his son Hunter.  It was a rout. Those expecting Trump to be a bit of a madman, as he was during the first debate, were disappointed.  Trump, having achieved his goal during the first debate of forcing Biden to alienate some of his base, no longer needed the madman tactic.  This time, Trump was charming, polite, and endlessly upbeat about America's prospects.  Biden, meanwhile, literally said America was "about to go into a dark winter.  A dark...(Read Full Post)
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