Help Wanted: A moderator who wants to moderate

For a couple of days, NBC promoted a town hall session with President Trump.  So I sat down to watch voters ask questions...voters who were constantly interrupted by Savannah Guthrie!  In other words, the moderator insulted the voters by constantly asking the president question after question. It was annoying and likely part of a strategy, as Stephen Kruiser wrote: There was some controversy when NBC decided to schedule its event with President Trump opposite ABC’s Night of Love With George Stephanopoulos and Joe Biden. The network caught flack on social media from outraged Dems who didn’t want attention to be drawn away from ABC’s in-kind contribution to the Harris-Biden campaign. In response to the criticism, NBC’s Savannah Guthrie decided that she would be a shrill attack dog while questioning President Trump. While Grandpa Gropes was being verbally caressed by Stephanopoulos on ABC, the president was subjected...(Read Full Post)
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