Why is Kamala Harris getting the kid-glove press treatment?

The media endlessly attacked Sarah Palin when she was a much-talked about female vice presidential candidate in 2008, but they treat Kamala Harris with kid gloves.

Most of the questions for her from the press amount to puppets asking Harris to trash President Trump. Rarely do they ask Harris, or Biden for that matter, about their policies or what they have said or done in the past.

Here is a sample of meaningful questions that real journalists could ask Harris:

You have said you want to ban fracking. Biden has gone back and forth saying he would ban fracking and sometimes he wouldn’t. Which one is it?

You sought to destroy Kavanaugh with unverified stories of what he did as a teenager, yet you give Biden a pass for a credible accusation of a woman he attacked when he was a senator. Why?

Was it O.K. that Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid to Ukraine if they didn’t fire a prosecutor investigating a corrupt company that paid his son Hunter Biden millions for doing nothing?

Isn’t it pure corruption when the Bidens and the Clintons get massive kickbacks from foreign parties while sucking off the public trough?

Is it O.K. that sanctuary cities and states pick and choose which federal laws they are going to enforce, or should they follow their oath to enforce the laws on the books?

Was it constitutional for President Obama to dictatorially and unilaterally implement DACA? Is the president allowed to make laws?  Is it proper for judges to act like it is the law?

How come you wouldn’t prosecute Catholic priests for sexual and child abuse? Where was your empathy?

Bombshell report: Kamala Harris refused to pursue criminal cases against Catholic Priest sex offenders

As most people know, prior to her being a Senator, she served as the chief prosecutor for the city of San Francisco.  Now, complaints are coming forward that she flat out refused to pursue criminal cases against Catholic priests who allegedly sexually battered children.

People who say they were victims of childhood sexual abuse call out Harris for not doing all that she could to prosecute their cases. 

Joey Piscitelli, who himself is a survivor of sex abuse, says that the DA before Harris, Terence Hallinan, worked hard at getting he and his fellow victims justice. 

However, after Harris beat Hallinan in the election, the progress they were making to prosecute the cases seemed to stop altogether.


And here is a sample of questions that should be asked of Biden, Harris and all the journalists who are openly campaigning for them:

Which policies are you proposing that would help poor people and people of all races move up the economic ladder vs. making more people dependent on government?

Won’t raising the minimum wage to a universal $15 greatly harm the young, the elderly. The poor and the less educated as they lose opportunities?  Do you realize how much harm that does to small and medium sized cities and especially rural areas which struggle to provide jobs?  Do you realize that most areas of the United States are cheaper than San Francisco, New York, LA and Chicago? So why should there be a uniform wage?

Can you please provide any scientific data to show that oil use has a direct correlation with temperatures, sea levels and storm activity before you intentionally destroy millions of jobs and move the country backwards. Why is it so warm this year and why do we have so much storm activity since oil use is substantially lower? Do you realize that there have been many lengthy warming periods in the Earth’s history before man and oil could have had anything to do with it?

Why do you believe you should block poor children’s opportunities to attend charter and private schools?

Do you think biological males should be able to compete with women in sports?

Why is it O.K. for the government to require photo IDs to set up a bank account and get medical care but not to vote?

Isn’t one of the most idiotic deadly decisions on COVID-19 when Cuomo and other governors forced nursing homes to take in sick people to kill vulnerable elderly residents?

Why were the experts wrong when they predicted a super spread of the virus for in person voting in Wisconsin, the Memorial Day gathering in the Ozarks, Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Trump’s rally at Mt Rushmore, Trump’s July 4th gathering in DC and the huge gathering at Sturgis? Shouldn’t the public be told the truth instead of continuing to scare them and keep the economy down?

Shouldn’t the public be told that CDC says that only 9% of the deaths were caused by COVID-19 alone and that medical experts say that 90% of the people that tested positive weren’t really contagious? Doesn’t the truth matter more than the agenda of putting radical leftists in power?

What do you think of the souls of people who will let unwanted babies die on a table without providing health care? Where is the empathy for the most vulnerable? Why would we trust people who would withhold health care from newborn babies to provide health care for the rest of us.

Here is a suggestion for Democrat campaign workers posing as journalists. Don’t ever ask a politician what they think of someone else’s soul. Very few people are experts on other people’s souls. Certainly not journalists or politicians.

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