WaPo beclowns itself criticizing Trump's Middle East peace deal

In "A lopsided Middle East strategy" (9/19/20), The Washington Post editorial board is critical of the current administration for supporting our allies over those that want to do us harm.  If the Post calls that lopsided, I'll take it!

Further, The Post says a "negative" of the recent "Abraham Accords" is the "reinforcement of harsh authoritarian rulers" in the region.  Those "authoritarian rulers," our allies, have been "authoritarian" for decades.  Nary a word of objection about their dictatorship style in the past until Israel makes a deal with them, brokered by the president.

The Post postulates that "Mr. Biden would surely also resume US pressure on Israel to pursue a settlement with the Palestinians."  But Mr. Biden has been around long enough to know that no amount of pressure on Israel has pushed the Palestinians to say yes to a multitude of generous peace offers.

The Washington Post missed the mark on pretty much every sentence in its comprehensive editorial, which is surprising, since even their columnists supported this deal and the outcome of it with fervor.

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