Tuesday's debate should worry Dems

It's in the air: the Democrats are emitting fumes of panic.  They are in a frenetic mode that must be deemed dangerous.  No action is out of the question for them, as the election has already begun, and now their fear that Biden will crumple before the deadline of November 3 is causing them to sweat.  They've been in a constant state of lunacy since Hillary was "cheated" out of the presidency four years ago.

The upcoming "debate" on Tuesday night is another nightmare for the few in their upper echelons who really know the score.  Joe can't endure two hours on his feet.  He's physically shot.  He cannot take the mental pressure of being on camera in front of over 100 million viewers and answering questions that require him to immediately respond.  He just can't remember dates, places, and situations.  He jams up.  He's been kept off the campaign trail, hidden away, getting worse daily from his obvious neurological or other disorders to the point where he might just fall apart emotionally in front of the cameras.  He'll be under unbearable stress.  People will be focusing on his ears for hidden microphones, his every expression will be scrutinized for hesitancy, his eyes for searching answers, his hands for reaching out for help.

Will Chris Wallace, a known Trump-hater, toss Wiffle balls to Joe and blazers to Trump?  The president will be prepared with his patented behavior by calling out Wallace, unlike Mitt Romney, who got eaten up by Candy Crowley during his debate with Obama.  And we can't forget the conspiracy among CNN, the DNC, and Donna Brazile in giving Hillary the advantage in her debate with Bernie Sanders by giving her the questions in advance.  A repeat on Tuesday?

In short, putting Biden, as a warring gladiator in the Roman Coliseum of a monumental presidential debate with the likes of Donald Trump, is a dangerous move.  Trump has wielded his weapons of words, wit, nastiness, and belligerence successfully against the likes of Putin, Xi Jinping, the mullahs, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer.  In addition, on a daily basis, his responses have been honed to a fine edge with his daily encounters with the hyena-like press.  Biden hasn't had any batting practice at all.  For Biden's handlers to throw him into the arena with a bare-fisted street fighter like Trump is an accident waiting to happen.

I've got my coffee pot loaded and ready and my favorite cookies in the freezer ready for Tuesday night.  Who knows how it will end?  Will it ever take place?

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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