The woolly rhinos climate change cult

To begin, a statement: Yes, climate change is genuine, and I think human activity is having an impact on the phenomenon.  The idea that climate change is a subject of "settled science," however, is ridiculous, and the cockamamie solutions being put forth by the left are exposing their concern for the climate as just a façade for their broader socialist agenda. In a recent article from CNN titled "Climate change spelled doom for Woolly Rhinos 14,000 years ago," author Ashley Strickland explains that new DNA evidence shows that the furry beasts met their demise around 12,000 B.C., not because of overhunting by Stone Age man, as previously believed, but due to prehistoric climate change.  (Refreshingly, an article from CNN mentions Russia, considering that the animals lived in Siberia, yet somehow avoids bringing up President Trump and election interference.)  The long extinct mammals, Strickland explains, were the...(Read Full Post)
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