The police need us right now

The Democrats have thrown the police under the bus and are unleashing their goons on America.

The police are now being hunted out in the open and are being shot in cold blood.  Rioters, meanwhile, are physically obstructing life-saving care to downed officers, and some are laughing.

How can law enforcement continue to protect us if we don't speak out in their defense?  Speak up, America, and fight for the protectors.

Voices come in many forms.  Millions of whispers and gestures can conquer thousands of screamers and slammers.

Tell local law enforcement that you support them and appreciate them.  Send letters and cards thanking your town's police.  Get your thin-blue-line gear on and flags out.  Write local and state elected officials in support of pro-police policies, legislation, and funding before it is on their chopping block agenda.  Help out a police family.  Support a police spouse.  Contribute to police organizations.  Let your schools know that you support school resource officers.  Start a scholarship for children of police.  Participate in a pro-police rally.  Pray for the police.  Remember and honor fallen officers.  Seek out and support pro-police candidates in your town, region, and state.  Get out the vote for law enforcement candidates.  Get together with pro-police friends to share ideas and actionable steps.  Tell the child of an officer how proud you are of his mom and dad.

President Trump is the number-one law-and-order leader in our nation.  But he needs all of our voices and votes to save our police, and in turn save our families, communities, and nation from the deadly goons.  We need to protect the protectors.  Let your voices be heard.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.