The horrific Compton shooting should be a clarifying moment in America

As I write this, the Compton shooter is still unknown, the two Los Angeles sheriff's deputies are still clinging to life, and the Democrat party is failing its Sister Souljah moment — that is, the moment when it must repudiate a failing, unwholesome principle if it is to survive politically.  Instead of disavowing the police hatred they fomented, the Democrats are using the shooting to push for gun control.

Black Lives Matter is an anti-police movement.  It started in 2013, when George Zimmerman, a Hispanic man, killed Trayvon Martin, who was trying to kill him.  It found its footing in 2014, when a police officer shot Michael Brown after Brown tried to wrestle the officer's gun away from him.  BLM's power grew when Eric Garner, an obese man illegally selling cigarettes in New York City, resisted arrest and died in a police chokehold.  Since then, every time police have killed or wounded a black man resisting arrest or threatening either explicitly or implicitly to kill the police, BLM has been on it.

And almost from the beginning, BLM has consistently advocated murdering police, as exemplified by their chant of "pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon."  (A chant BLM still favors in 2020.)  At a BLM protest a week ago, one protester proudly held a sign saying, "All my heroes kill cops."

For BLM, the out-of-context George Floyd video, which seemed to show the police smothering Floyd, was the mother lode.  The reality was that George Floyd, who had a serious heart condition, was already dying from a drug overdose when the police came upon him.  The video caught the police following their department guidelines and trying to restrain Floyd for his safety as they waited for the ambulance to arrive

Facts didn't matter to BLM.  What mattered was that they had found a martyr, and they were taking the war to the police and to American cities.

And through it all, the Democrat party has been there for those who hate the police, egging them on:

In a New York high school, a teacher who could only have been a Democrat gave students a handout comparing police with slave-owners and the KKK.  And do we even need to discuss the mayors in New York City, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and any other Democrat-run city?

Given the Democrats' universal support for the police-hating BLM movement, Biden and Kamala should have had a Sister Souljah moment.  Instead, they issued the standard political boilerplate about the two sheriffs and failed to say a word about how BLM is feeding the hatred for police.

While the party standard-bearers are mealy-mouthed, others are toxic.  At Facebook, if you look for a "blue lives matter" gif, the first thing you get is "I can't breathe."

In addition to the appalling BLM protest at the hospital (which the Democrat leadership has not condemned), people on the street celebrated the shooting as it happened:

Talbert Swan, an NAACP chapter president, tweeted out that the deputies made a choice that justified the attempted assassination.  He followed that with a tweet saying that if you support Kyle Rittenhouse's shooting attackers in self-defense, you must also support the Compton thug shooting two deputies as they sat peacefully in their car:

The horrific assassination attempt on the two deputies could and should have been the moment when the Democrat party, from its presidential nominee on down, stood up to BLM.  Instead, other than saying the shooting was a bad thing, not one Democrat said a word about BLM and the virulent hatred for police it's been disseminating in America.

That's bad.  What's even worse is that Biden, after failing to condemn BLM, then had a "hold my beer" moment when he politicized the shooting by demanding gun control.  Think about that: the BLM movement has seen police defundedstripped of defensive toolsshot, and murdered, with a concurrent rise in deadly crime in every major Democrat-run city — and Biden's answer is to disarm you.

Democrats have been tried and found wanting.  They're not fit to have a role in American politics.

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