The 'experts' have subjected Americans to a doozy of an experiment

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a renowned expert and brilliant scientist who has never been wrong, and his counterparts at the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control, have been conducting a major experiment on all 330 million Americans in this election year.

The major control groups are most journalists, many governors, and power-hungry politicians named Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

One person they are having trouble controlling is named Trump.  He defied the swamp creatures with a China travel ban, continually mobilizes the private sector to find a cure, touts a cheap drug that we block as a potential lifesaver, and gathers his supporters in large groups without masks.  Without evidence, the control groups claim the large gatherings are super-spreaders.

In January, February, and early March, Fauci and others claimed, without evidence, that COVID-19 wouldn't be as bad as the seasonal flu in the U.S.  The control groups gladly repeated these talking points to calm the public.  Pelosi went to Chinatown to say how safe it was.

In early March, after thousands of years of virus history, Fauci and others told the public they shouldn't wear masks.  The control groups went along.

Then, in mid-March, with no evidence, Fauci and others made up numbers to scare the public.  The CDC said millions would die and hundreds of millions would soon have the disease.  The control group immediately repeated these made up numbers as if they were the gospel truth and started scaring the public.  The governors in the control group started intentionally destroying their economies based on these made up dire projections. 

The experts said, without evidence, that millions of people with no symptoms were actively spreading the disease.  The control group repeated this crap.

The CDC said, with no evidence, that the virus actively spread off surfaces.  Again, the control group repeated these talking points to scare the public.

Around March 20, one of the control group, California's Gov. Gavin Newsom, went out and said, without evidence, that more than 20 million Californians would soon have the virus.  This number was widely repeated throughout the country as if it were true, to scare the public, even though it was pulled out of a hat.

On March 25, a puppet dummy, New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo, ordered very sick people into nursing homes to kill other people.  Cuomo says it is not his fault, and the rest of the control group cheered how great Cuomo the killer has done.  Four other Democratic governors followed him with similar orders.

In late March, the CDC ordered medical professionals to classify any death remotely associated with the virus as caused by the virus in order to goose the death totals to scare the people.  Even though this has not been done before for the seasonal flu, swine flu, or other viruses, members of the control group loudly announce each death and blame Trump.

In April, the CDC flipped and started claiming that masks, which they previously said weren't necessary, now would save massive numbers of lives because millions of people with no symptoms were spreading droplets.  This is idiotic, but the control group repeated these talking points, with no evidence, and said anyone who didn't wear masks wanted people to die.

In April, some governors were actively trying to escape the control group and get their states on the road to recovery.

The experts could not allow people off the plantation, so, in early May, they made up more numbers, with no evidence, that because of reopening by the end of May, the U.S would have 200,000 cases per day and 3,000 deaths per day.  The control group again repeated these made up numbers to scare the public in the effort to keep destroying the economy.

Around May 20,  the CDC admitted that the virus does not easily spread off surfaces, but the public and members of the control group had already been indoctrinated with the lie.  Therefore, every time someone gets a positive test, we close a business and do deep cleaning as if contagious diseases had never been in that business before.

While Fauci and other members of the control group have no problem with peaceful protests and violent riots, they continue to block the public from resuming their normal lives.

In June and July, positive cases ticked up to over 60,000 per day (not the 200,000 predicted at the beginning of May), so it was time for Fauci to predict some more dire numbers to scare the public.  He pulled a new, made up number out and said soon we would be up to 100,000 cases per day.  Members of the control group again just repeated this made up number to scare the public.  Facts have never mattered with this virus, only scaring and controlling the public.

At the end of August, the CDC and other health experts decided to test how thoroughly the indoctrination worked so they decided to drop some true numbers into the control group.  They admitted that 90% of the positive tests should not be considered positive because those people had few or no symptoms and weren't actively spreading the disease. They also admitted that only 6% of the reported deaths, or around 10,000 were caused by the virus. Since these factual numbers wouldn't scare the public, the control group has pretty much squelched them and treats the true numbers as if they are false. They can't have the public believing it is safe to vote or lead their normal lives. We must keep the schools closed until after the election.

There is one extremely important person in the control group:

He is mostly kept locked in his basement in Delaware. His name is Joe.

He did go out in January and call the travel ban xenophobic and unnecessary.

For months he repeated that the riots were peaceful. Now he goes out to say the violence is bad and blames it on Trump.

If Fauci or other scientists say the economy should be locked down, Joe says he will follow the "science" and lock it down.

If scientists say, wear masks, Joe will dictate that 100% of us need to wear masks wherever we are and no matter how safe some areas are.

Sometimes scientists say humans cause global warming and sometimes cooling. Joe will repeat whatever the talking points are. Sometimes Joe is for fracking and sometimes he is not.

If the control group wants to get rid of vouchers and charter schools, Joe will go along.

If the control group wants billions to go to a country that pledges death to America Joe will clap and say yes.

Joe will do everything the control group wants. Sometimes Joe and his family must be given kickbacks so they can live in the lifestyle they have become accustomed to while sucking off the public trough.

On a side note:  Pelosi believed she could go to the beauty salon without a mask. She is special! Her spokespuppet says she always follows the rules and she says she was ignorant of the rules. Finally, she is honest when she says she is ignorant.

Should we listen to all the journalists in the control group who campaign for Joe because they can control him or should we vote for Trump who has the ability to think and act on his own and clearly wants to give people of all races the opportunity to move up the economic ladder, It is Trump who wants to revive the economy while Joe and his supporters want to keep it in depression until after the election. What a pathetic, destructive goal.

Image credit: White House, public  domain, enhanced with FotoSketcher.

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