Report: No Durham report before election

If this is true, the word "bitter" does not begin to describe my disappointment.  This is the worst news I've seen in a long time.  Maria Bartiromo, who has set the standard for reporting on the Russia hoax and associated matters, has excellent sources, so I must regard her reporting yesterday morning that a report from the Durham investigation before the election is unlikely.

There is some wiggle room in the word "unlikely," and the sources involved are anonymous, so we are not completely without hope that voters will learn of the depth of corruption deployed against candidate and later president Trump by Deep-State hoaxsters and Democrats.

YouTube screen grab.

The following video is under two minutes:

Shipwreckedcrew of RedState, a lawyer, speculates as to what might lie behind an apparent change in timing:

[T]his report follows many hints and suggestions over the past few months that US Attorney Durham would act in the late summer/early fall time frame — including statements made to that effect by Attorney General William Barr himself.  He's been fully briefed by Durham about the nature and progress of the investigation, and what has been found so far.  And consistent with what AG Barr said publicly just days before it happened, former FBI Attorney Kevin Clinesmith was charged and pled guilty in connection with his actions on the Carter Page investigation.

If Bartiromo's report this morning is accurate, then something has changed.  What might that be?  I think I have a pretty solid guess.

AG Barr sent US Attorney Jeffrey Jensen on a "recon" mission to look more closely at the handling of the Special Counsel's prosecution of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.  I do not believe that either AG Barr or US Attorney Jensen were prepared for what Jensen would eventually uncover regarding the "political" calculations that were behind the Flynn investigation in the first instance, and the Flynn prosecution after the SCO took over.  What Jensen found has kicked into high gear an investigation that I think is nearly as important to AG Barr as is the Durham investigation into the origins of the Russia Hoax investigation launched against Pres. Trump and his campaign.

I think "Priority 1A" for AG Barr is a hard look at the conduct of the Special Counsel's Office.  The interview of Special Agent William Barnett, the original case agent on the Flynn and Manafort investigations begun in August 2016, took place only 10 days ago.  That interview was done by US Attorney Jensen, not Durham.  But that interview covered events from the beginning of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation to a point beyond the entry of a guilty plea by General Flynn — Barnett discusses interviews done with General Flynn after he pled guilty.

The subjects of the released Memorandum of Agent Barnett's interview are mostly matters involving General Flynn, including opinions Agent Barnett formed about the attitudes and conduct of the SCO prosecutors who Mueller chose to staff the investigation.

The extent and depth of the corruption being uncovered seems to be the reason why voters will be denied full knowledge before they vote, so the reasoning seems to go.

I hope Durham does not think he needs to complete every investigation before issuing indictments in cases ready for prosecution.  I've always been skeptical that a "report" would be forthcoming; indictments are what federal prosecutors do.  Perhaps there will still be indictments...with more to come on other crimes as those investigations proceed.

But I admit that this is a slender reed on which to hang my hopes for justice for the coup-plotters.

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