Replacing the Notorious RBG with the Heavenly ACB

Just when you thought 2020 couldn't get any crazier, Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg suddenly departs this world for, hopefully, a better one.

You have to respect that anyone strong, smart, and principled enough to serve on the Supreme Court.  Supreme Court justices carry a heavy burden and do so for decades longer than presidents.  The Notorious RBG, as she was called, was a saint to all Democrats and a heroine to women around the world.  Her colleagues called her brilliant.  Can't beat that.

Still, many Americans, especially Catholics, had a problem with Justice Ginsburg's staunch support for abortion.  Abortion became "legal" via a Supreme Court ruling, not by virtue of the Legislature.  As such, abortion advocates have always had nightmares about the Court flipping so far right that it directs Congress to pass the appropriate laws regarding abortion, thereby giving the people a voice — the way it should have been done in the first place.

Let's cut to the chase.

With the passing of Justice Ginsburg, the Dems' worst nightmare has now occurred.  Their dream of unfettered abortion is in peril.  Pending the wildest, nastiest Senate confirmation fight in recent history — which, after Kavanaugh, is saying a lot — the Notorious RBG's going to be replaced by the Heavenly ACB.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a devout Catholic who believes that life begins at conception.  She's the mother of seven children, one of them special needs, two of them adopted.  Can't get more pro-life than that.

And for being pro-life, Judge Barrett's going to get accused, defamed, roasted, and slandered.  There will be no line of attack too low for Democrats and their minions in the press.  Count on multiple pretend scandals, racy tidbits from shady former friends, unsubstantiated wrongdoing according to multiple anonymous sources.

You saw what the Democrats and the press did to Justice Kavanaugh.  They're planning worse for Judge Barrett.

Because she believes that unborn babies should be protected.

Because she believes that adoption is a worthy choice.

Because she believes in the teachings of Christ.

Because she believes in the Constitution as written.

Because, as a conservative, she believes in our country.

For all this, Amy Coney Barrett will be grievously abused by her political opponents and the grubby mainstream media.  It's going to get seriously ugly.

God bless Judge Barrett.  May she stay strong in her likely bid for the Supreme Court.

And, if you could, Lord, please help the Senate Republicans grow a little spine.  Sheesh!

Image: Hillsdale College via YouTube.