Joe Biden has only one person to blame for his poor showing with Hispanics

Since the dawn of Obama, the American media have asserted themselves as rabid, partisan watchdogs advancing the interests of the Democrat party and protecting it against all threats. In terms of the continued success of the American experiment, what the media are doing is dangerous. However, in terms of the humor factor . . . well, lost in all the post-Ginsburg madness was a good laugh: The Washington Post has absolved Biden of the blame for failing to win over Hispanic voters. Instead, it’s all Donald Trump’s fault.

That statement does not derive from some close textual reading of Henry Olsen’s column in Thursday’s Washington Post. Instead, it’s right there in the title: “Biden’s weakness among Hispanics is not his fault. It’s Trump.

You and I, talking amongst ourselves, might have come up with multiple reasons for Hispanics falling out of love with the Democrat presidential candidate. They might be unimpressed with his failing mental abilities and his campaigning from the basement. Those who escaped failing socialist societies may worry that Biden will be a pawn of leftist forces in America and impose socialism here.

People who want to work hard, repeat the rewards of that work, and raise their families according to their cultural values, may well be hostile to a political party that promises to raise taxes, regulate everything, send jobs back to China, and generally interfere with the nuclear family (or, in the case of tight-knit multi-generation Hispanic families), the extended nuclear family.

Hispanics have noticed, as blacks have, that Trump was great for their economic bottom line. They also appreciated his bringing the rule of law to our previously unconstrained border traffic. Those who came here legally resent those who don’t. Law-abiding residents in immigrant communities dislike the crime that comes from having drugs and sex trafficking pour over an uncontrolled border.

And of course, while Biden is a slave to the teachers’ unions, Donald Trump strongly supports school choice and vouchers. Only with that competition will schools improve, allowing immigrants’ children to rise into the middle class in classic American style.

In other words, Biden offers them nothing. An honest newspaper would say that. However, the Washington Post isn’t an honest newspaper. It’s a sycophantic party organ. And that’s how you end up with Henry Olsen blaming Trump for Biden’s disastrous campaign outreach to America’s Hispanic community:

Democrats have started to worry about polls that show former vice president Joe Biden doing worse among Hispanic voters than Hillary Clinton did in 2016. Most punditry ascribes that to Biden’s presumed weakness. The data, though, suggest President Trump’s own appeal is the cause.

Olsen then marches through all sorts of polls showing Trump’s rising profile in Hispanic communities. It’s not that Joe’s bad; it’s just that Trump is so darn good. The thing with those darn Hispanic voters, says Olsen, is that, instead of knowing what’s good for them (Democrat policies), they like a winner and, right now, that’s how they perceive Trump:

This is surely not a coincidence. Analysis shows that a president’s job approval in his reelection campaign is an excellent predictor of his final share of the popular vote. Currently, 33 percent of Hispanics approve of Trump’s performance as president; it would be shocking if his share of that demographic’s vote were significantly lower than this. If Trump gets 33 percent of the Hispanic vote on Election Day, it would be the highest share of the Hispanic vote for a Republican nominee since George W. Bush won 44 percent of the demographic in 2004.

Bush’s showing provides a clue as to why Trump might be doing better than expected. Both Ronald Reagan and Bush saw notable increases in their Hispanic vote totals in their successful reelection bids. Even Bush’s father, George H.W. Bush, did relatively better among Hispanics in his failed 1992 reelection bid, losing them by 39 points that year vs. losing them by 36 points in 1988 (despite Bush Sr. going from winning in 1988 overall by 8 points to losing the 1992 race to Bill Clinton by 6 points overall). 

At the end of the day, the article is nothing more than a bootstrapping argument that says Biden is losing amongst Hispanics because Trump is winning. The appropriate answer to that is “Well, duh!”

The article is useful only insofar as it’s a reminder that having a lapdog media is not necessarily a benefit to the candidate getting all the love. If a more rigorous media could tell Biden he’s losing because he’s a lousy candidate with an even worse platform, he might be able to change.

As it is, though, the media is treating Biden like the kid who refuses to train, loses the race, and then hears from his foolishly doting parents that it wasn’t his fault. Instead, it was all the fault of those mean kids who were better than he was. That’s not how you create winners, at least not outside of woke-land, where every kid, no matter how little he brings to the table, gets a participation trophy.

Image: Latinos for Trump; Twitter screengrab