Pittsburgh boilermakers union endorses President Trump

Shawn Steffee, the business agent of Boilermakers Local Union 154, located in Pittsburgh, Pa., announced that Local 154 endorsed President Trump for re-election.  Local 154 has about 1,500 members who work in the power plants and other similar plants.  He said: Joe Biden's ban on fracking would put me and everyone I know out of work.  Crap trade deals.  And now this.  Gimme a break, we're not asking for much.  But Joe Biden is a disaster. Mr. Steffee spoke at the Pennsylvania CPAC event on September 19, 2020 in Washington, Pa. He said the journeyman welders in his union are averaging over $100,000 per year.  Business is booming thanks to President Trump, and his members are all working.  They support President Trump because he supports the job-creating industries in coal, oil, and natural gas.  These are the industries that the Democrats want to abolish in favor of wind and...(Read Full Post)
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