Lindsey Graham promises 'day of reckoning' coming soon on Russia Hoax

Senator Lindsey Graham told Maria Bartiromo that declassification is proceeding on revelations more damning than what has been known so far about FBI and Department of Justice misbehavior in launching the Russia probe; obtaining FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign; and fabricating bogus grounds to prosecute General Flynn and financially pressuring him into confessing to lying to the FBI when he hadn't in order to protect his son from facing the same sort of financial ruin he experienced in defending himself from vicious, unethical prosecutors out to destroy Trump.

Here is the short version of his lengthy interview, in which he revealed that a bombshell is coming.

And here is the complete interview.

Many of those who follow the Russia hoax scandal have been disappointed in Senator Graham promising more than he can deliver, so skepticism is certainly in order.  But with John Ratcliffe as director of National Intelligence facilitating, not delaying declassification, it is entirely believable that smoking-gun bombshells may be on the way.

Let's hope so.  If the Russia hoaxsters go unpunished, our Republic may never recover.  Certainly, many conservatives will give up on it.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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